The ombre hair coloring technique has found many fans, including celebrities like Jessica Biel who was an early adopter of the ombre hair color trend. Find out how ombre highlights work best and decide if this can be a good look for you. Using two or more highlighting shades, the point of ombre hair highlights is to give you a finished look, from darker roots to lighter tips. It should not look like your roots have grown out, instead it offer a more gradual look, that’s also easier to maintain than regular highlights.

Jessica Biel Ombre HighlightsDarker at the roots, fading into lighter shades on the middle and ends, the ombre highlights are a trend Jessica Biel jumped on early. Justin Timberlake’s wife has been sporting the ombre look for about two years, but she isn’t the only celebrity to make it work.

Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker have also tried the ombre hair highlights in natural colors, along with Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff and Lauren Conrad.

Jessica Biel Ombre Hair Highlights Hair ColorJessica Biel Ombre Hair Highlights

Nicki Minaj is one of the celebs that tried a more edgy look based on the ombre highlights combining different colors for a modern interpretation of the coloring technique. Jessica Biel’s ombre highlights can be a perfect summer look and they work both with a longer layered hairstyle, both with bangs and without.

Ombre Highlights ProsThe most important advantage the ombre hair highlights hold is the fact that they work on any skin tone, as long as the hues are chosen wisely.It’s an easier look to maintain than regular highlights with a base color since you’ll only need touch ups at the roots, leaving the rest to grow out.

Sarah Jessica Parker Ombre Hair ColorDrew Barrymore Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Highlights ConsWhile they can look great with layered or wavy hair, ombre highlights aren’t always the best look for straight fine hair, making it loose volume.Since it usually requires bleaching, at least in the lower sections of your hair, the ombre hair color can further damage hair that’s been subjected to many other chemical treatments.While Jessica Biel’s ombre highlights also work with bangs, this look is hit and miss unless you have very long hair. Having one color bangs can sometimes mess up the look.

Hilary Duff Ombre Hair ColorLauren Conrad Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair HighlightsIf you want to recreate Jessica Biel’s ombre highlights, make sure you don’t use anything lighter than 2 shades from your natural hair color. Opting for a less natural, edgier look can include up to 3-4 shades lighter than the base.

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