The 29 years old television personality, designer, author and more, a happy mother of two children, Nicole Richie launched endless debates and rumors concerning her problems with drugs, drinking as well as food. It seems that she was one of the few socialites who managed to get out of the viscous circle and start a new and spotless life on the side of partner Joel Madden. Besides her proper lifestyle she also started to get into the spotlight thanks to her stylish looks.

Nicole Richie’s hair style evolution presented in the following pictorial shed light on her most faddish style moments and public appearances where she flaunts her most beautiful side with chic cuts and hair styling ideas. Those who consider her a real hair chameleon will have the chance to get an insight into her fabulous development turning into a mesmerizing butterfly.

<br />Starring in the reality series The Simple Life on the side of Paris Hilton brought Nicole into the spotlight of the media. Besides her performance she also had the chance to flash her colorful and complex long do made up of the base blonde color as well as other lowlights that would add some texture to her do. A look then on trend later considered a real faux pas.<br /><br /> <br />Indeed she kept her fondness for the colorful streaks spread all over her tresses still she decided to reduce some of the lenght of the hair. This year indeed marks one of the promising periods towards her hair style icon career. Those who watched the series she starred are sure familiar with this fab do.<br /><br /> <br />2005 is the actual breakthrough in the style evolution of Nicole Richie. She decides to trim her locks and adopt a Bob do which will turn out to be one of her most popular hairdo choices all throughout the years. The fab design flattered her face shape and masked the squarish and sharp features offering her appearance a more healthier image. <br /><br /> <br /><br />From the Bob she turns to the long and wavy locks in order to preserve her fashionista reputation. Her Boho chic locks offer her the chance to flaunt the benefits of natural texture. Those who are impressed by the relaxed look of her tresses will be thrilled to copycat the design and grow out their locks or enhance the volume of the hair with loose and dropped waves.<br /><br /> <br />At the end of the years however she changes her mind and switches things up a bit with a brand new hue. Going brunette was indeed a radical change however as stylist claim she rocked the trend with mastery. Blonde was no longer her trademark shades and she choose yet another tone that would perfectly suit her complexion and hair type.<br /><br /> <br />This year she turns back to her long and blonde locks as the perfect accessory for her high class public appearances. She is indeed a real style icon who flaunts not only her unique outfit ideas but also dos. Loose waves are her signature options when it comes of adding the perfect shape to her locks.<br /><br /> <br />Besides sporting her low key and messy chic locks Nicole appeals to the visual effect of hair accessories. Headbands are among her favorite alternatives when it comes of boosting the glam factor of her do. Golden and other colorful designs would perk up her statement Boho chic outfits. Moreover she still promotes the dark roots hair trend with mastery.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Nicole just couldnt get enough of the hair style changes and decided to get back again to brunette. Pairing her long locks with a cool bangs design proved to be the perfect idea to make a smashing statement on the red carpet. In spite of the repeated dramatic change she still managed to master the trend and offer the best blueprint for a successful hair style evolution.<br /><br />