Nicki Minaj is definitely one female in the hip hop industry which attracts attention instantly whenever she makes an appearance. Her bold style and fabulous lyrics make Nicki a source of inspiration for many women when it comes to fashion as well as hairstyles, so take a peek at her best hairstyle choices and copy her fabulous style.

Celebrities have access to some of the best hairstylists and thus can make bold choices and still look fabulous. Image is a very important thing for a celebrity and it seems that Nicki Minaj understood this fact perfectly as she is constantly reinventing herself through her hairstyles. Choosing a different hairstyle and a different hair color once in a while can maintain your look interesting, especially if the choices made suit you perfectly. The perfect hairstyle is the hairstyle which suits your face shape and enhances your best facial features while concealing your flaws. Nicki seems to be very versatile when it comes to her look and because of that she turns towards her natural hair but also to hair wigs, weaves and extensions.

Most women are afraid to turn towards the help of wigs to change their look, but the new wigs created are absolutely stunning. You can go for natural looking wigs which are virtually undetectable or you can turn towards super-fake looking wigs which give you a “barbie” look, depending on what you prefer and how much you are willing to invest in your wig. Nicki Minaj seems to love the “barbie” look as she owns some super eye catching colorful wigs. However, all these wigs actually suit her style and skin tone perfectly, so she can be a great source of inspiration for women who love being in the center of attention!

Nicki Minaj Hairstyle Platinum Blonde Nicki Minaj Long Black Hairstyle with Bangs

Nicki Minaj’s natural black hairstyle suits her perfectly and her hair just exudes fabulousness. Nicki opted for a fabulous long blunt cut bangs hairstyle which frames her gorgeous face and enhances her beauty. Nicki loves to wear her hair sleek straight, but she does opt for loose curls every once in a while, just to give her look an extra kick.

Natural looking hairstyles are highly popular this year, so why not enhance the beauty of your natural hair using different hair styling products. Incorporate some thick, blunt cut bangs if they match your face shape and personality and copy the mysterious and sexy look of Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Green Hairstyle Nicki Minaj Bob Hairstyle

Nicki loves her sleek straight hair and you can observe this by looking at her wig options. The wigs feature different colors and styles so she can still maintain a look which suits her, but they provide that extra spice by changing her hair color. It seems that Nicki can sport any hair color as she looks fabulous with blonde, green, pink or orange hair.

A long hairstyle gives Nicky a sensual, feminine look which suits her style perfectly, so if long hair is your first choice, don’t hesitate to inspire your cut and even hair color from Nicki Minaj’s long blunt cut bangs hairstyles.

Nicki Minaj Hair Styles Nicki Minaj Short bob Hair Style

Bob hairstyles have been and still are uber-popular hairstyles and Nicki’s bob cut colored wigs make her look gorgeous. Blunt cuts seem to be her favorite styles and she looks fabulous with all her choices. Her bob hairstyles feature a bit of extra length, so there is a perfect balance between the face shape and the cut. Go for a nonconformist hair color just like Nicky even if you opt for a temporary hair color and offer your hair the extra twist it needs to make you the attraction of the evening!

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