The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer changed her look again. Miley Cyrus debuted a short bob hairstyle with bangs at the 2013 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in Los Angeles, leaving everyone to wonder whether this might be the end of her punk-inspired pixie. Many have wondered whether it was an actual haircut, given the visible dark roots and the fact that she did not make any kind of hair related comments in her recent Instagram posts, however, it seems that it was only a wig, similar to the one she wore a couple of weeks back when she also rocked a blonde bob hairstyle. Nonetheless, it might not be so long before we see an actual new real hairstyle as the star is trying to grow out her hair, especially at the top, in order to have more options when it comes to styling.

It will be interesting to see whether the new year will be the year when Miley tries a more conservative style, after her attempt to completely erase any signs of her Hanna Montana inspired image this year. After the much talked about VMAs performance and a couple of other racy performances, the star seems to have embraced the other side and shocked the world by being all covered up on a couple of occasions.

Miley Cyrus Bob HairstyleMiley Cyrus New Hairstyle 2013

Her latest appearance at the 2013 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in Los Angeles also seems part of her conservative outfits extreme. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer did not flash an inch of skin, being completely covered up. She wore a long black jacket, a black sweater and skinny black pants. The only things that made her stand out were her boots featuring animal prints and her statement red lips.

There are, however, no signs that the star is looking to get back to her long locks from her pre-twerking days, at least according to hair stylist Chris McMillan, who told E! Online that: “She’s not done with it being short. She’s just growing the top to be able to do more with the hair. She’s just evolving the look naturally. “

Love or hate her recent makeovers, one thing’s for sure: the star knows how to steal the spotlight and it seems she still has a couple of surprises up her sleeve.

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Photos: JustJared