The American punk rock drummer for Blink 182, Travis Barker, was born in 1975. He is one of the most talented drummers well known for his career and looks. He can be easily recognized by his awesome Mohawk hairstyle and his tattoo filled body.

His overall look is very unique, this is why he became an inspiration to his fans and not only. His “bad boy” look and attitude makes him attract more attention especially from women. His Mohawk hairstyle became like his trademark, and he looked great wearing it.

Travis Barker’s Mohawk hairstyle is relatively easy to style and maintain, but this low maintenance hairstyle isn’t for everyone. In order to be able to pull off this kind of punk hairstyle the head should be well shaped and sculpted. In order to get this punk hairstyle the hair should be medium length. If your hair isn’t as long in order to recreate this Mohawk hairstyle, you can go for the shorter version, the faux-hawk until your hair will grow out.

travis barker mohawk travis barker

The hair on the sides of the head needs to be cut close to the scalp leaving only a wider section of hair on the center of the head from the front towards the nape of the neck. You can cut the hair using hair clippers or shave it using a razor.

The section of hair that remains on the center of the head can be cut at the same length or slightly angled by cutting the hair longer on top of the head and shorter as it continues down the back. To style the Mohawk in place you need to use strong hold hair gel. Apply the gel generously between the palms of your hands, rub your hands together and then flip your head down. Using your hands apply the hair gel to your hair and use a blow dryer to harden the gel quickly.

You can also style the Mohawk using a narrow tooth comb, a flat iron, strong hold hairspray and wax. Brush the hair in an upward motion and keep it upwards using the comb. Apply hairspray generously and set it with your hand or the comb. Apply hairspray until the hair stands up on its own. Use the flat iron to set the hair straight up. Rub a little bit of wax between your palms and apply it to your Mohawk. It will help the hair set better and look more shiny.

This hairstyle is a statement hairstyle which can be worn by confident men and women.

Travis with kids. How cool is his son’s Mohawk?