One of the most attractive and sought-after actresses of our times, Megan Fox, managed to earn the honorable title of a real beauty icon. Her unique and feminine features as well as her long and shiny locks always tressed perfectly helped her land on the covers of the most valued magazines. The Hollywood glam inspired waves and curls as well as the red carpet updos can all be included in the must have list for formal hair styles especially if you prepare for a special event as a date or a wedding.

Pick your favorite Megan Fox hairstyles and learn how to copy them to sex up your tresses! You won’t require pro skills and a hair sculpting talent, only some of the basic styling accessories and products to secure the long-lasting effect of your Megan Fox inspired ‘do.

Hollywood Glam Hair Styles

The successful actress knows how to work on her sex-appeal. Therefore, she is keen to adopt some of the Hollywood glam hair styles as the voguish finger waves and slicked back look. These options are indeed the hot stuff when it comes to flashing our refined style sense as well as our best assets. Use these looks to expose your unique features and play up your dainty and classy allure.

Use a curling iron or simply your fingers to create the desired looks. The secret to sport a similar mesmerizing do is indeed the use of the basic hair styling formulas as shine sprays and finishing serums that preserve the well-defined and voluminous texture of your locks. Complete your dapper look with a red lips makeup as Megan did for the well-deserved standing ovation.

Updo Hair Styles

Updos are also some of the top alternatives when it comes to a red carpet ceremony or award shows. Megan Fox is indeed the queen of these hair styles offering us the perfect blueprint on how to rock both the loose and tousled as well as sleek and super-polished updos. The flirty chignons and buns are among her favorite designs, therefore she sports them with confidence and charisma. The secret to follow her footsteps is to condition the tresses with the best formulas and methods.

Then tie your locks into a stylish ponytail if you wish to sport a more tamed and tight look. Twist the locks around the base and secure the tresses with bobby pins. In the case of loose buns proceed the similar way, however in this case allow the strands to move more easily and style your hair into a more softened and laid back low or high bun.

Chic Half Updos

For youthful and more relaxed looks experiment with the faddish half updos popularized by the rising starlet. From the chic ponytails to the pinned up updos all will serve as the best accessories to your ceremonial appearance. Sporty chic and more laid back designs are also perfect to pair with your casual chic apparel.

Messy ponytails help you enhance your locks with volume and definition. On the other hand, the slick and more tamed hair styling alternatives prove to be just perfect to emphasize your best features and attract the attention to your face. Play with the length as well as the texture of your strands and make sure you draw some inspiration from these A-list celeb looks.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos