Lindsay Lohan hair color transformation cannot go by unobserved as it seems that she has tried every hair color possible. Experimenting with hair color is not a negative thing if done professionally as the hair is treated and colored properly to ensure a minimum amount of damage.

Lindsay Lohan began her career in the entertainment business at a relatively young age, starting as a model and working her way up as an actress and singer. Her transformation can easily be observed as all the steps of growing into an adult were captured on film and pictures since she is a public person.

Because the cosmetic industry has evolved greatly during the past few years, hair coloring has been made less damaging on the hair, allowing women to change from one color to another much easier. Playing with hair color is so much fun as one can discover the benefits of each hair color. Not all people can pull off any hair color as the color of the complexion as well as the eyes are the decisive factors. Certain complexions are complemented buy certain colors so choosing the right color is actually not an easy thing. The right hair color can enhance the color of the complexion and create an angelic effect while other hair colors can lead to a disastrous look. Lindsay Lohan’s complexion and eye color seems to suit all hair color hues as she has gone from one color to another and she looked gorgeous with them all.

Lindsay Lohan red hair Lindsay Red

Red hair Lindsay Lohan’s natural hair color is red, and red heads are quite popular this year. Lindsay Lohan has never tried to conceal her red hair color and has been seen several times wearing her hair red. Dyed red hair looks great as there are a variety of red shades available from natural to dark red. Lindsay Lohan usually opted for a darker sour cherry color which helped enhance her eyes beautifully.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan blonde

Blonde hair Blonde hair is the supreme hair color which almost every woman would want to try at least once. Lindsay Lohan has managed to experiment several times with blonde hair color and she looked fabulous with all shades. From platinum blonde to strawberry blonde tresses Lindsay seems to have tried them all and looked fabulous with each.

brown hair Lindsay Lohan Brown hair

Brown hair Brown hair seems to suit perfectly Lindsay Lohan’s fair complexion creating a soft and warm appearance. It seems that Lindsay opted for light brown as well as dark brown hair as she looked gorgeous with both. It seems that brown hair color was only a transition hair color as she hasn’t been seen with such a varied pallet of shades as blonde or red.

Lindsay Lohan brunette Lindsay Lohan

Brunette hair Brunette hair color is a hair color difficult to wear but Lindsay manages to look absolutely fabulous brunette. Her fair skin works beautifully with dark colored tresses and it’s no surprise her eyes stand out as green eyes work beautifully with fair skin and dark hair color.

Inspire yourself from Lindsay Lohan and experiment with different hair colors to find the perfect one for you.