Playing up the beauty of your strands couldn’t be easier this year as you have the chance to sport some of the most stylish and flattering haircuts. The latest celebrity short hair styles furnish you with the proper inspiration to master the art of styling crops and enhancing your flirty locks with a dab of texture and volume. The process of finding the right length and design should be guided by your face shape as well as your prominent features and hair texture. These factors when taken into account guarantee the desired and ‘wow’ effect to your hair and appearance in general. Find out which are the ageless looks that are repeatedly re-invented and upgraded this year.

Bangs Hair Styles

It seems that celebs are just as charmed by the power of this apparently small detail as hair stylists are. Indeed, bangs are the top tools to correct the various disproportions of the face and add the perfect frame to shift the attention to the best assets. Whether you crave for a blunt cut or would like to proceed gradually with tapered or side-swept and longer bangs, the point is to analyze your face and pick out the best length and design.

Those who have thick hair will be thrilled to try their hand at the blunt and eyebrow-sweeping bangs styles, whereas those who have thin and fine strands would be glad to bring out the best of their look with side-swept and partial-forehead-covering styles.

These bangs hair styles are oh-so-pop due to their ability to expose the feminine and soft features as well as echo the atmosphere of the classy 60s style flirty haircuts.

Choose these looks if you are confident enough to sport your tresses short and texturised with the best styling tools and products. Michelle Williams, Hayden Panettiere as well as Rihanna or Keri Hilson are some of the most voguish examples to follow.

Short Bob Hair Styles

Bob haircuts might not even need a presentation as these timeless looks are all time presences on the red carpet. Celebs with curly or sleek as well as thick and thin hair experiment with this look with great confidence and allure. The looks vary according to face shape as well as preferences. Some of these promote the uniform look, others rely on the versatile and fab effect of asymmetry. Either way Bob hair styles provide the public with the privilege to look stunning and cut back on the time spent in front of the mirror.

Are you looking for a way to try your hand at the various hair styling techniques? Then Bob hair styles would be the perfect solution to fulfill your desire. Ear- as well as chin-length are perfect dimensions to keep you pleased with your appearance. Use a curling iron to boost the volume of your strands, or keep the tresses sleek and smooth in a shiny high brow do.

Classy Bob haircuts are just as favored as the inverted cut which still enjoys huge popularity among celebs who would like to furnish their face with a well-defined and sophisticated frame. Launch a real adventure in the multitude of Bob haircuts and spot the one that suits your preferences of a dream do.

Keep and eye on Farah Fath, Victoria Beckham, Jamie King and Dannii Minogue who managed to steal the show with their unique and uber-chic Bob haircuts, be it curly or super-sleek. Make sure you appeal to the best hair sculpting tricks and products to polish the tresses to perfection and secure the long-lasting effect of the flawless hairdo.

Short Pixie and Razored Haircut

Pixies rule the red carpet thanks to their effect to bring out the finesse of every woman. The chic short haircut aims to expose more of our face including forehead as well as the glimpse. This is undoubtedly the best solution to attract the attention to our face especially if we have the chance to pride ourselves with a spotless complexion. However, Pixies look simply stunning with all face shapes and hair textures. Those who struggle with hair thinning will find a real refuge in this solution as it will immediately boost the volume of the locks.

All you have to do is spot the design that fulfills your wish to pull off a flattering and stylish look. Spiked Pixies as well as the ones that are simply swept to the side and tamed into a classy and more retro-inspired look make the right style statement at all events. Don’t be overwhelmed by only one simple look, instead challenge your hair dressing skills and explore all the styling options this length offers you.

Carey Mulligan as well as Halle Berry are the celebs who constantly turn back or stick to Pixie styles as these provide them with complete freedom to sculpt their tresses and wear brand new dos for both red carpet as well as casual events.

Razored cuts managed to get into the spotlight due to the various models as well as actresses who decided to make the cut and go super-short. Razored styles require courage and a refined style taste in order to keep it still feminine and flattering. Take the example of Agyness Deyn, a real hair style icon who charmed the world with her brand new razored haircut.

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