Nowadays the America born actress is one of the most worshiped teen idols in the film industry Indeed Hollywood hand in hand with the fashion industry managed to raise her to a pedestal and praise both her attires and event- and age-appropriate looks. Besides her fabulous appearance on the ‘Heroes’ series as well as in the uber-funny movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ on the side of Russel brand Kristen also won the appreciation of style critics and millions of fans. The natural glow she radiates crowns her attires and public appearances. Sporting the latest trends combined with the classy allure of the past decades is undoubtedly her natural born talent.

As one of the celebrities who sticks to one single hair color all throughput her career Kristen Bell still manages to provide the aspiring hair styling talents to jazz up their look with buns, ponytails and other stylish updos. There’s no room for doubts when it comes of her mastery in showing off her most flattering features and adopting all the different style with sophisticated taste from the classy to the less ceremonial and girlie style.

Cascading curls seem to be the perfect and signature hairstyle accessories of Kristen Bell. The young actress often goes for the effortless and less polished look either left bare or topped with a stylish accessory. However it seems that the simple waves are great allies in stealing the show. Her look is always immortalized by the spotlight being a great example to follow for those who are fond of the downdos.

Loose waves can be easily created both with the help of a curling iron and a straightener. The trick is to let the strands stay loose in order to avoid the tiny corkscrew look. Choose either a stylish mid or side-parting and secure the strands with the proper hair styling products for a long-lasting effects.

Headbands are apparently among Kristen Bell’s favorite hair accessories. Pairing the classy retro skinny band with a chic updo or a stylish ponytail hairstyle is the one way ticket to a celebrity look. The polished and slicked hairstyles offer a frame to her face and expose her best assets. Sleek hair looks just as glamorous on Kristen Bell as do the signature waves.

These hairdos topped with the perfect makeup and last but not least ceremonial attire is the perfect recipe to be the well-merited queen of the ball. Miss Bell perfects the transitions from the formal to the casual looks. Sporting the same hairstyle on the red carpet and on relaxed and semi-formal events is a proof of her styling artistry.

Those who would like to steal her look can opt for these slicked back dos decorated with a stylish top must have accessory of the season headbands in all colors.

Fabulous updos find also their place in Kristen Bell’s hairstyle repertoire. From the tousled waves to the more polished and complex knots, the actress succeeds in grasping the attention right from the first moment with her styling reveries. Those who are fans of the loose and texturized waves might find it inspiring to tie the strands into a chic knot or a voluminous bun in order to add a classy and red carpet flair to their look. Refined creativity generates similar hair dressing masterpieces, that’s why live out your fantasies to create similar stunning dos with the help of a pair of rollers and bobby pins.

Devourers of brand new hairstyle ideas are looking forward to see the following dos Kristen Bell the rising actress has in her purse. From the romantic angelic curls to the loose and tousled waves all throughout the latest tendencies in hair dressing. The apparently insatiable need to shine will successfully bring her the title for a real hairstyle icon of our days.