Kristen Stewart usually sticks to what works for her: hair on the side, darker color than her natural shade, but the 23 year old actress has also experimented with a few different looks over the years. See the best of Kristen Stewart hairstyles and check out her latest hot look.

After breaking up with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart has been sporting a brand new look, a lot more daring than her usual styles.

Kristen Stewart New Hairstyle

Inspired by the cornrow-plaited hairstyle of the 1990s, Kristen Stewart’s newest look keeps her signature style of tresses worn on one side, but there’s a very cool twist to it brought through styling. The lighter hair color, which is definitely closer to her natural shade, combined with cornrows and braided elements brings a lot more edge to Kristen Stewart’s new hairstyle.

Kristen Stewart New HairstyleKristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart Short Hair

The Twilight actress has tried a few shorter haircuts throughout the years, but most of them didn’t get many points from stylists. Keeping the dark Kristen Stewart hair color she’s been sporting for year, the actress also experimented with a cool structured bob with bangs and with more choppy hairstyles.

Stewart has always kept her side part even when sporting layered shorter cuts and has also experimented with wispy bangs for a short time. The messy look goes well with Kristen’s black tresses, but in the end she went back to longer hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart Glam HairstyleKristen Stewart Short Hair

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Kristen Stewart Hairstyle: The Signature Look

The most recognizable Kristen Stewart hairstyle features soft waves and a side part with the hair softly gathered on one side. For the laid back chic look, you’ll need to use a dry shampoo, preferably in a can, and spray directly on the roots before massaging it well.

Even when the hairstyle has stayed the same, Kristen Stewart’s hair color has had a few changes, brought mostly by highlights that perfectly enhanced her light complexion. A natural dark blonde, Kristen Stewart prefers to stick to a darker hair color which provides extra contrast with her skin.

Kristen Stewart Hair ColorKristen Stewart Blonde Hair

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Kristen Stewart Hair: The 2013 Met Ball Look

One of the coolest Kristen Stewart hairstyles, the sleek coif she showed off at the 2013 Met Ball, is easy to replicate. Use volumizer at the roots after you’ve towel-dried your hair. Pick the right place for the side-part and blow-dry the entire top area using a round brush. Slick back the sides in a knot at the back to get the perfect look.

Kristen Stewart Messy Hairstyle

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