Those who find sporting the same hairstyle in a row pretty boring will regard Keyshia’s style the real stuff. Indeed, offering hair stylists great challenge, she seemingly refuses to appear with the same do again and again. There are no color and cut taboos in her looks, by combining different styles she manages to emphasize her best features through sparkling styling tricks.

If you fall for the versatile looks, copycatting her dos will seem both backbreaking and extremely fun. Each day will be a new chance to enrich your hairstyle repertoire by finding a new way to shape your tresses. Experiment with the latest hair color trends or create unique hairstyle masterpieces, let your imagination do the job for you in order to follow the footsteps of Keyshia Cole.

Bob hairstyles managed to earn the top position of the most sought-after hairdos this year. As a fashion-conscious socialite, Keyshia adopts this style in its versatile versions either, also with choppy and side-swept bangs. The retro styling of the strands offer her a brand new look every time she appears on the red carpet.

These asymmetrical hairstyles seem to further upgrade Keyshia Cole’s sophisticated taste for haircuts that bring out the best of her dolly face. If you decide to join the group of bob fans, draw some inspiration from her looks and go for the naturally fine angles and the flawless hair color.

Keyshia indeed likes to try out different styles still it seems that she returns to different cuts and style accessories several times. The longer bangs offer a nice frame to her face, when sported wavy or super-curly both dos accentuate her best features. Moving between extremes when it comes to hair color, Miss Cole is famous for topping her hairdo with orange or more eye-popping reddish colors. Also, it is possible that she stopped at the uniform blonde or black as a sign of maturation? Maybe, however it is a fact that both these tones offer her endless options to look fabulous.

Keyshia Cole also demonstrated that she has dazzling skills to pull off a long hairstyle too. These updos reflect finesse and also confidence. The curly locks offer the chance to expose what’s best in our look. The facial features are dragged into the spotlight and it also creates the illusion of a long and slender neck. Go for this romantic still extremely hot look if you would like to add a sensual style to your cascading tresses.

Keyshia’s look on the 2009 Grammy Awards is absolutely breath-taking. The simple and polished updo matches her super-classy and high brow look. The black hair color perfectly emphasizes her ethnic beauty and shifts the attention to her decent and refined makeup. She repeatedly demonstrated that a real hairstyle chameleon knows how to spot the best hairstyle for all events and be the Queen of the red carpet.