Celebrities often try their hand at various styles in order to preserve their spotless reputation when it comes to trends and hair dressing tendencies. Katie Holmes who decided to keep a longer break in her career to devote more time to family still managed to keep the fans mesmerized with her ever renewing looks.

Starting with the long and curly locks, then switching things up a bit with her cute bob hairstyle designs, then getting back to the long do.

She indeed furnished us with the perfect blueprint on how to rock the transition from long to short and the other way around. These styling alternatives all served the best to revitalize the look of this young actress.

The Katie Holmes hair style evolution presented below offers us the privilege to feast our eyes on the most spectacular appearances of this hair style icon and draw some inspiration for our next makeovers. Let her fabulous looks charm you and make sure you make the best option when it comes to both your face shape as well as hair texture.

<br /><br />The surprising blonde hair color option was indeed a one time alternative Katie Holmes appealed to in order to emphasize her skin complexion as well as unique features. Her long-hair was tinted using an ombre hair dyeing method which preserved the darker shade of the roots and lightened the hair ends. In spite of this unique alternative which she drops throughout the years, this hair style is still included among the most prominent looks of Katie Holmes. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Though we skipped 2 years in time, Katie is apparently still fond of her long and shiny locks. Her stylish hair color with cool hair highlights as well as adopting a super-sleek texture all served as the best means to land on the best tressed list during the VH1 Save the Music concert. Her sylph-like silhouette as well as fairy smile was crowned by her fab strands sculpted into a high class do.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />This time the young actress and already the happy partner and fan of Tom Cruise decided to go for the loose and dropped waves. These brought out the best of this laid back and more relaxed still classy look that was just perfect for a red carpet event. Those who are fond of the easy-to-handle designs should definitely try their hand at this fabulous do which brought her a prominent position in the most stylish celeb list.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />However the year preserves a bigger surprise than we thought. Thanks to the craze that surrounded the newly discovered Bob do, Katie Holmes decides to say goodbye to her long and wavy strands and go for a tousled and stylish short crop. The fans are thrilled and the media is eager to immortalize the new look of the actress.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />She sticks to the stylish Bob and decided to adopt an even more classier version of the ageless do. This time she pairs the sleek and shiny locks with a cool bangs design that offers the perfect frame for her face. Those who are eager to embed this must have piece into their short crop will have the chance to draw some inspiration from the public appearances of Katie Holmes that flaunt endless hair styling options to popularize the trend.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />It seems that Katie Holmes embarked on a project to challenge the misconception that short hair lacks any creativity. Therefore she decided to change her look twice the same year and go even shorter. The stylish Pixie cut is indeed one of the most stylish and memorable alternatives of the actress which made its way to the top hair styles of Katie Holmes.<br /><br /><br />After sporting the stylish Pixie Katie Holmes flirts with the idea of growing out her locks and sport a shoulder-lenght style Bob which is styled either sleek and flipped out or curly. This time she offers the fans of midi cuts the chance to expand their hair styling option repertoire and find out the best means to looks as stylish and radiating as Katie does.<br /><br /><br />Curly hair styles also dominated the 2009 year therefore Katie Holmes decided to stay versed with the newest hair style trends and sported these chic full curls paired with a stylish bangs design. The new do enhanced her look with a youthful and high street allure which suits both her face shape as well as features and hair texture.<br /><br /><br />Long is the real deal when it comes of 2010 especially when it comes of Katie Holmes. Undoubtedly the lush curls paired with her young features ad radiating allure all contributed to the success of her new look. The young actress this time decided to get back to basics and sport an oh-so-popular hair lenght and color. We're looking forward to see some brand new hair style ideas in the evolution of this rising hair style chameleon.<br /><br /><br /><br />