The Royal Wedding was watch by over two billion people from all over the world, who wanted to take a glimpse at one of the most lavishing weddings of the decade. It’s been 30 years since such an event took place and the wait was worth the result. Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, wife of His Royal Highness, Duke of Cambridge (Prince William), looked classy like a true princess having been admired by everyone.

Kate Middleton’s hairstyle and makeup was indeed fit for a princess, managing to receive praises from everyone. Apparently, Catherine wanted to keep things simple, so she opted to do her own makeup. YES! Britain’s new Princess didn’t pamper herself by turning to professional makeup artists, but instead opted to prep herself for the big day just like a regular girl would.

Naturalness and simplicity have become Kate Middleton’s trademark and it was no surprise that she decided to maintain the same pattern for her big day. Elegance and refinement is expressed in its purest form by simplicity, so no other makeup style would have suited the royal occasion better on this important day.

Kate Middleton was confident enough to do her own makeup for this big day and surprisingly she couldn’t have done a better job. However, she opted to take a few makeup classes before the big day from renowned makeup artist Arrabella Preston. Apparently, it only took Kate about three or four private lessons to learn the proper steps to do her own bridal makeup look and those lessons paid off well as she looked flawless. Kate opted for a warm color palette which offered her a sophisticated appearance. Pink tones were dominant and created a fresh look that complemented Kate’s rosey complexion. The subtle smoked-up eye makeup added more depth to her eyes, making them stand out, while the pink colored blush added that definition to her gorgeous facial features. As far as lip makeup goes, Kate opted for a neutral, flesh colored lipstick which offered her a lightweight natural coverage for a harmonious balance with the rest of her look.

When it came to hair styling, things took a different turn as she has placed her trust in the hands of professionals. She wanted William to still recognize her for her wedding day, as most women opt for a total transformation for their wedding, so she had her hair stylist Richard Ward give her an appropriate, yet simple look. Kate Middleton’s wedding hairstyle matched her Alexander McQueen bridal gown perfectly as well as her makeup choice. The half up/half down hairstyle chosen featured a lovely subtle wave at the ends and was beautifully set with a Cartier diamond tiara lent by Queen Elizabeth II especially for this day.

Kate Middleton’s look was indeed dressed flawlessly for the event and will definitely inspire women across the world for their big day!

Kate Middleton Wedding Hair and Makeup Kate Middleton Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup

Photo courtesy of Getty Images