As the next season is just around the corner, it’s time embrace a new look especially when it comes of celebrities.

 Justin Bieber Gets New Haircut

TMZ also reveals that the chopped off hair was also collected and will be given for donation and other charity organizations. It seems that Justin managed to do a favor both to society as well as the fans who might have longed for a fabulous and surprising change in his appearance. Though the outcome of his makeover is not so dramatic, it would still grant millions of fans with the chance to copycat and popularize his celebrity hairstyle. The old time favorite bowl cut is no longer an option for Justin, therefore he decided to go shorter and sport these dapper and perfectly polished short ‘do.

Justin Bieber New Haircut for Charity

The popularity of the Beatles bangs grew simultaneously with the fame of Justin Bieber. The bowl cut achieved a cult status and hair salons were raided by fans who were simply eager to sport this hairdo. This fab haircut was done by the hairdresser of Justin Bieber, Vanessa who is responsible of keeping his locks versed with the up-and-coming hair style trends. The young singer kissed goodbye to the eyebrow sweeping bangs and decided to revamp his look with a new cut. He send the following message to the fans in order to offer an explanation for his act:

“yeah so it’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like it…and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon”(Twitter)

What do you think about the brand new haircut of the teen idol?

Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber via Twitter