The Jonas Brothers are a very popular pop-rock boy-band consisting of brothers: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas. The Jonases are also known for their friendly and cute-boyish looks.

Joe Jonas

With a natural black wavy hair, he is one celebrity that will stand out in the crowd. To get Joe Jonas‘ wavy hairstyle your hair needs to be medium length. Get it layered in the back as well as on the sides in order to enhance the hair’s natural texture. Keep your hair side swept and cross a part of your hair over your forehead.

To style it, after shampooing, pat hair dry and apply mousse or other curl-enhancing styling product. Then gently ‘scrunch’ hair while blow-drying. Take a tiny bit of hair wax onto your finger tips, spread it and gently apply it to the back and side of your head. Part the hair to the side using a comb and give the hair some volume by applying a small amount of gel -wax on your fingers and lifting the hair at the roots. For an extra shiny hair apply shine serum and set your hair by spritzing a bit of hairspray.

Joe Jonas Long HairJoe Jonas HairJoe Jonas Curly HairJoe Jonas Short Hair

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas opted for mid-length curly hairstyle that’s medium maintenance, it is suitable for his face shape and can be styled for any occasion. To get this particular hairstyle your hair needs to be naturally curly and cut in layers. To style, wash and then dry the excess water out using a towel. Use styling products that fight frizz and will define the natural curl in your hair. After applying the product to damp hair, let it dry naturally.

Kevin Jonas Curly HairKevin Jonas HairKevin Jonas Medium HairKevin Jonas

Nick Jonas

The look that Nick Jonas is sporting is a mid-length layered hairstyle. This hairstyle works best on people with natural curly hair. To style start with freshly washed hair. Blot dry using a towel and apply an egg-sized quantity of styling mousse. Dry your hair using a diffuser or just gently scrunch while blow-drying with your fingers.

Use a bit of serum to tame any frizz, since naturally curly hair types tend to get frizzy especially in warm, humid weather.

Nick Jonas Short HairNick Jonas Curly HairNick JonasNick Jonas Short Curly Hair