One of the most sought-after actresses and ex-playmates, Jenny McCarthy managed to achieve success thanks both to her charisma as well as to her flawless look. The Jenny McCarthy hair style evolution presented below provide us with the best inspiration to sport both our long as well as midi locks in the most stylish ways. Pick your own favorite from the multitude of hair dressing trends illustrated below by Jenny's most stylish dos.

The 37 years old actress and comedian is famous for her fabulous smile and great sense of humor. Her television career as well as her public performances brought the ex-model into the spotlight and the world started to admire her also for the stylish haircuts she sported throughout the years. Jenny McCarthy's hair styles evolution below sums up the stylish and worth of copycatting repertoire of the actress when it comes to both medium as well as long hair styles.

Those who are mesmerized by her radiating charisma and versatile looks should take a closer glimpse at these hair styling options that definitely boost confidence and also make us feel and look sexy each time we leave the house. Adopting the new hairstyle trends is indeed one of the key secrets to stay in the best tressed list these days. However, it is also important to adapt the various designs to your face shape and unique features, this way you'll be able to sport a unique and inspiring look.

<br />Still a fan of the long and luscious curls Jenny McCarthy arrives at the premiere of the Scary Movie 3 with this stylish do that earns her a prominent position on the best tressed list. The loose and dropped texture of the strands would bring out the best of her hair lenght as well as features. This is indeed a top notch option to make a real statement on the red carpet.<br /><br /><br /><br />2005 was the year of stylish waves when it comes of the rising actress. Jenny McCarthy sports this stylish wavy do to attract immediate attention on the red carpet. The look is indeed polished and feminine and highlights the beautiful and natural looking hair color which perfectly matches her skin tone as well as blue eyes. This was also one of the most stylish years of Jenny McCarthy when it comes of hair styles.<br /><br /><br />This year we'll have the chance to spot the A-list looks of Jenny McCarthy more often on the red carpet. As an already well-known comedian she is present on the most prominent award shows as the perfect occasion to flaunt her beauty and brand new do. Long locks still rule her appearance still she would find versatile ideas on how to sculpt the strands to offer fans the pleasure to steal her hair styling ideas.<br /><br /><br /><br />2007 is indeed a landmark when it comes of the most stylish hair styles of Jenny McCarthy. Versatility this time is expressed by a brand new Bob do that lived its heyday in this very year. More and more celebs were spotted popularizing this trend. The actress was no exception when becoming  a real hair style icon with a cute inverted Bob worth of considering when skimming through the various haircut designs.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Her fondness for the cool Bob haircut is still obvious this year too. Therefore the media and fans had the chance to keep on admiring her girly and hot do all throughout the year. The red carpet events served indeed as the perfect chance to flash her versatile do that still bears the traditional qualities of the ageless do. Choose a similar do if you were really impressed on how Jenny McCarthy rocked the trend.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Besides the stylish Bob sported with a cute side part Jenny also encouraged us to grow out our locks and go for the mid part as the best means to enhance our do with an additional glam factor. This long Bob or lob is the perfect ideas if you would like to rock the transition from medium to long hair. She wore the style with mastery furnishing us with yet another perfect example of an A-list celeb do.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Besides styling her locks sleek and super-polished she also flaunted a different side of her long Bob do. The curly and retro-chic inspired hair style was one of the most eye-popping looks from the red carpet. The full curls paired with her mid hair lenght brought her standing ovation. Pairing it with a spotless makeup design was the secret weapon to win the heart of both fans as well as style critics.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />The Bob period was officially over when Jenny McCarthy revealed her brand new look on the red carpet in 2009. This time she wears a medium do with flipped out ends and shaggy layers. This is indeed the transitional period to go for the old time longer locks. Jenny decided to popularized the versatile and fab graduated hair styles that were soon resurrected and upgraded by great hair stylists.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />As we proceed to the present day, we'll have the chance to claim the Jenny McCarthy is one of the most stylish hair icons of our times. She might not change her hair color only in shades still the dos she promotes are all some of the most stylish hair dressing alternatives from the market worth of experimenting with it till perfection. This statement wavy hair style is the do she chose for 2010 in order to preserve her flawless reputation as a stylish celeb.<br /><br /><br />