Do you love Rihanna's curly hairstyle look from the 2010 AMAs? If you do, don't hesitate to learn the steps to recreating this fab look!

It seems that celebrity hairstyles have always posed as a great source of inspiration for others and there are a variety of fabulous styles to choose from. One of the most inspirational celebrities when it comes to fashion style and hairstyles is Rihanna.

Rihanna has managed to constantly surprise her fans and critiques every single time and one her her latest surprising looks has brought her only praise. How to recreate Rihanna's curly red hairstyle from the 2010 AMA's has been a question raised by women all over the world and this is no surprise as Rihanna's hairstyle option was absolutely perfect.

Curly hairstyles are and will always be a fabulous hairstyle choice suitable for any occasion as curls create a certain innocent, glamorous look but only if the curls are styled right. There are a variety of curl shapes and sizes to choose from but if you are looking on recreating Rihanna's curly hairstyle from the 2010 AMA's you need to opt for tight curl.

This look works best of women who have a medium to long hair length and who feature a layered haircut. Hair layers will help the hair receive that neat flowing look which helped frame Riri's adorable face. The 80s perm look can be created on all hair textures using the right hair styling tools and products. To begin you need to make sure you purchase a narrow barrel hair curler/wand as this tool will make all the difference.

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Try to recreate this lovely curly hairstyle on freshly washed and moisturized hair so the curls will set better and receive that fresh, glossy look which manages to make heads turn. Blow dry your hair using your hand and apply a heat protection spay to protect your precious hair from heat damage.

Divide your hair using your fingers or a rat tail comb into four sections (two in the back, two in the front) and secure the hair sections using hair pins. Starting from the back, wrap one inch width hair strands separated from one of the sections around the curling iron or wand barrel starting from the root and working the rest of the hair around the barrel.

This is a tricky part so make sure you don't get to close scalp as you could get burned. Keep the hair wrapped around the heated barrel for about 10 to 15 seconds and then gently release. Pin the perfect curl to the scalp until the rest of the hair is finished or until it cools down so the hair sets as you desire.

After you have progressed through all of your hair (and took all the hair pins out), separate the curls which look too thick using your fingers. Set the hair in place using a pretty good amount of hairspray which you pulverize from 20 cm away from your hair. Apply a shine spray once you are finished to boost the natural shine of your tresses and enjoy your sexy curls.