Do It Yourself Hairstyle How to get Taylor Swift’s spiral curls

Find out how to get them! Here are five simple steps to follow to get Taylor Swift’s gorgeous curly mane at home and you’re ready to go! The country singer’s hairstyle has become a must try for true fashionistas, so it’s no surprise that more and more ladies are looking for ways to get angelic spiral curls. Thankfully, there are numerous techniques that can be used to achieve this type of curls from paper tricks to curling irons and hot rods, so test various techniques to find the one that works best for you!

Taylor Swift Curly HairstyleTaylor Swift Curly Hairstyle

Wash hair, condition, then comb out hair thoroughly, making sure you don’t have any snarls or tangles. While hair is damp work in some curl defining product.

Section hair in small, but equal pieces; then hold a piece, twist it and wrap it on flexible heated styling sticks or flexirods.

Twist the part of the rod/stick at the scalp in the opposite direction of the way you rolled it. This secures the rod/stick. Finish this section and continue to do the rest of the head.

If you’re using heated sticks, wait until they cool and unwrap hair carefully.

How to Style Long Hair with PicturesTaylor Swift Curly Hairstyle

If you’re using flexi rods, they’re even soft enough to sleep on. In the morning take them out carefully.

Then run your fingers through the curls to give them a natural look.

Finish curls with shine spray, insisting a bit more at the ends.