Haircuts with bangs are undoubtedly the ‘dos of the season. Whether you go for symmetrical or uneven ones, the point is to match it with your face shape.

However, it seems that hair styling stepped to the next level and refuses to neglect the other smashing tendencies of the groovy hair dressing, namely braids. In order to create a stylish combo you’ll be able to mix these trends into your unique hairdo.

French braided bangs can be created without any extra effort; in order to do it properly it is recommended to skim through these few steps and learn the mastery of creating these simple and at the same time creative and versatile hairdos.

Use the different braiding techniques to add a classy or more groovy flair to your tresses. Let’s see the basic instructions on how to French braid your bangs.

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Before jumping into the braiding process it is highly recommended to prepare our strands for styling. This is easily done with the help of the basic hair styling products.

If your tresses are prone to become frizzy, it is ideal to use mousse to tame them. This will ease your job when you will start shaping the bangs. Pour a bit on your hands and run your fingers through the strands to cover the whole spot.

Then comes the parting, if you decided where to begin the braiding, make sure you separate your strands the way you want to wear them. You can go for either the left or right, there’s no rule for this. Proceed according to your preferences. This is the area where the starting point of the braiding is.

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Now, it is time to separate your bangs, grab the hair at 1.5-2 inches from your forehead. Then to make sure the line is even, brush the tresses forward.

These strands will create the braided section. It is also advisable to tie the rest of the strands into a ponytail until you finish with the desired hairstyle.

Later you’ll be free to sport your hair either in an updo or simply let it flow on your shoulders.

When you’re ready, grab the bangs and further divide it into 3 separate and even strands as if you would French braid the hair in the back.

Then, go on braiding the 2 parts on the sides, however, the one in the middle should constantly grab and incorporate the rest of the bangs, this way securing the braided section to the head.

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Now leave the middle part follow its way and rather crisscross the tresses on the side further grabbing the additional strands. Do the traditional French braiding across your head until you reach the ears.

At this point you can either include the braid into the ponytail if you opted for an updo or you can simple fix it with a bobby pin at the back of your ears. This all depends on the length of your hair and the hairstyle you’ve selected.

The versatility of these hairstyles lies indeed in the fact that it works just as perfectly with long, medium and even different short hairstyles. Copycatting the style of hot celebrities you’ll be able to flash your styling skills.