If you’re wondering how to do cool braids, all you need to learn is a few basics braiding techniques and you’ll be able to improvise and create unique looks on your own. Find out how to create cool braided hairstyles for long, medium and short hair.

Choose the right style of braids and innovate different looks in minutes with the right tips on cool ways to braid hair.

Cool Braids for Long Hair

The braided crown is one of the most sophisticated looking cool braided hairstyles. Whether you use simple braiding or French braiding, you’ll get similar gorgeous results for medium to long hair. Start with two low pigtails, braid and secure. Take one of the braided sections and secure it 1 inch from your hairline. Secure the second braided strand behind the first one and you’ve got a great style example of cool hair braids.

Kaley Cuoco Braided Hair

Wearing the side fishtail braid can look equally sophisticated. Separate your hair in 2 sections and start with a piece from the outside of the right section. Move it to the inside of your left section, then repeat the process alternating the sides.

Cool easy braids include the braided halo. In just minutes, you’ll get a unique look that can be customized for your hair texture. Pin up the upper portion of your hair and start braiding at the temples towards the back of your head. You’ll get the best look if you use cool French braids, but regular ones can be just as effective. Once you’ve done both sides and secured the braids, release the hair at the crown. Not only is this style one of the simplest cool easy braids, but it also allows you more freedom to experiment with your hair. Opt for soft waves on the hair at the crown or keep it straight and tease it for a half updo using cool hair braids.

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Cool Braids for Short Hair

The side french braid is the one the easiest cool French braids and it’s perfect for short hair. Start with a deep site part then work towards the opposite temple. A simple look entails braiding your hair about 1 inch from your hairline using the three sections (right over center, left over center etc). Secure it carefully and lightly apply a mist of hairspray for light hold.

Side branding your hair is also an excellent idea when it comes to cool braids for short hair. When the length still doesn’t allow braiding, use bobby pins and twist your strands then secure them for a variety of different looks.

Selena Gomez Braided Ponytail

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