It’s time for the long awaited red carpet events and these events seem to be making a lot of stir because of the gorgeous celebrities present The incredible fashion styles and hairstyles celebrities opted for are under the spotlight. Many fans love to watch, admire and get their inspiration from their favorite celebrities, and the red carpet events are the ideal place to do that.

Red carpet events have increased their popularity more and more because of the glamour given off by these events. Celebrities are seen at their best, wearing the latest of everything: dresses, hairstyles, jewelery, shoes.

Fashion and hairstyle trends can be seen best at these red carpet award shows, so no wonder everyone is keeping an eye on them. The Emmy Awards are very popular awards focused on entertainment. It is the place where you can admire your favorite television series actors. Because it is a formal event, celebrities dazzle with their beauty and style.

Just like on every other red carpet events, celebrities love to emphasize and show off their beauty by adopting the most flattering and trendiest hairstyles of the moment. Because the hairstyle has a great importance in the overall look of a person, celebrities make sure they enlist the help of the most appreciated hair stylists in Hollywood. The results can be seen at the awards and they are absolutely stunning. Here are some examples of gorgeous and diverse hairstyles worn at the 2009 Emmy Awards:

Loose wavy hairstyles

Loose wavy hairstyles are very popular because they help frame the face beautifully and create a gorgeous feminine and simple look, a look which works wonders on long hairstyles. This type of hairstyle has been among the favorite celebrity hairstyles for a while now and it’s no surprise it hasn’t gone away. The hair can be styled wavy even if the hair is not naturally curly using different styling utensils. Inspire your timeless, gorgeous wavy hairstyles from celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Kaley Cuoco.

Kourteny Kardashian HairstyleGetty Images Kaley Cuoco Emmy HairstyleGetty Images

Half up/half down hairstyles

This type of hairstyle is not for everyone to wear but if it suits your facial features, it will make you look stunning. The greatest thing about half up/half down hairstyles is the luminosity the face receives because the facial features are revealed while the remaining hair naturally frames the face.

Half up/half down hairstyles are casual yet formal hairstyles which offer great style to the person who is wearing them. Inspire your gorgeous half up/half down hairstyle from celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Lowndes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Emmy HairstyleGetty ImagesJessica LowndesGetty Images

Ballerina bun hairstyles

Ballerina bun hairstyles have always expressed classicism and sophistication in a very simple way. This type of hairstyle helps create a very sophisticated and unique look, a look which is not suitable for everyone. In order to pull off this gorgeous yet simple hairstyle you need gorgeous facial features and a perfectly proportioned head. This is a hairstyle appropriate for casual wear as well as formal occasions just because of the grace and simplicity the hairstyle exudes. Inspire your ballerina bun hairstyle from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde.

Kim Kardashian Getty ImagesOlivia Wilde Getty Images

Glamorous updo hairstyles

Glamorous updo hairstyles will always be popular and classic when it comes to formal events because the aura they help create. They are incredible looking hairstyles which suit every woman with medium length to long hairstyles. Updo hairstyles seem to be timeless and appropriate for women of all ages due to the gorgeous way the hair is styled. Inspire your glamorous updo hairstyle for different formal occasions from celebrities like Hayden Panettiere and Karina Smirnoff.

Hayden PanettiereGetty ImagesKarina SmirnoffGetty Images

Ponytail hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles are great hairstyles for casual as well as formal occasion. This type of hairstyle is easy to create, maintain and helps create a very feminine and innocent look, a look which would suit most women. Because of the way the hair is styled, the facial features are softened and brightened.

Blake Lively and Mila Kunis can be a great source of inspiration for your ponytail hairstyle. Wear your ponytail straight, wavy or braided, because you will look great with any style.

Blake LivelyGetty ImagesBlake Lively Ponytail Getty ImagesMila KunisGetty Images