Celebrities have been constantly making changes in their fashion style as well as hairstyle. Find out which celebrities made the most drastic changes, going from beautiful long tresses to gorgeous celebrity short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles have been one of the top choices of celebrities this year. Short hair has been considered for many years as being too masculine and not sufficiently feminine, but this year hairstylists have proven that short hair can look very feminine if styled on the right person.
Not everyone can pull off a short hairstyle because short hair can enhance certain flaws. Short hairstyles look best on women with a well proportioned head, a well proportioned body, scalp with no scars and so on.

Short hairstyles, if cut right can enhance certain facial features by framing the face and revealing the bone structure. Women with soft, feminine and well defined facial features wear best short hairstyles. Their hair will only draw more attention to their gorgeous facial features, making them stand out even more.
Because this year hairstylists have created beautiful short haircuts many women have decided to radically change their hairstyle. They ditched their high maintenance long tresses and went short. Short hairstyles can be versatile if cut right and are very low maintenance. This is why short hairstyles have become so popular among women with a busy schedule.

Hollywood celebrities are known for their constant hairstyle changes and this year many celebs have decided to change their hairstyle and go short. Celebrities have shown the world that short hairstyles can look gorgeous and feminine. Here are some of the celebrities who proudly wore their short tresses:

Victoria Beckham is one of the most popular celebrities at the moment due to her career as well as her hairstyles. Victoria decided to let her long tresses go and went for a bob hairstyle, a personalized bob which looked great on her.
Her famous "Pob" hairstyle went even shorter as she chopped off her tresses into a pixie hairstyle, a cut which made her look incredibly gorgeous. Pixie haircuts reveal the facial features and soften the look.

Victoria Becham Pixie Victoria Beckham

Katie Holmes is a Hollywood celebrity who was well known for her beautiful long hair. Katie has never been seen with short hairstyles during her career until recently. She decided to go slow and went for a bob hairstyle with disconnected layers, a hairstyle which complemented her facial features and made her look more mature.

She seemed to have loved her short tresses as she decided to go even shorter. Her pixie hairstyle offered her plenty of advantages, from low maintenance to quick hairstyling possibilities.

Katie Holmes Katie Holmes

Rihanna is one of the celebrities who like to experiment with their hair. She went from long, gorgeous hair to short hairstyles. Her hairstyles are always cut in a way to allow her tresses to be styled differently every time she feels like it.

Whether it is a bob, a pixie or any other type of short hair, if the hair is cut right and does the facial features justice, you will look incredible and sexy even with short, boyish looking hair.

Rihanna Rihanna