Earlier on as well as with the boom of the ‘Twilight’ movie craze Paramore won the heart of Rock music fans bringing a new and more revolutionary style that combines some of the dainty sensuality with the jagged effects of this music genre. However, the popularity of the young lead-vocalist heads way beyond her performance on stage. Attitude as well as her versatile look are what make Hayley one of the most sought-after celebrities of our times. Her genuine and unique hair color as well as the chopped and more edgy strands and haircut ideas are all the basic ingredients to world-wide success and millions of fans. These are undoubtedly some of the most mind-blowing Hayley Williams hair styles to experiment with.

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Chic Bob Hair Styles

Hayley is a fan of dramatic crops, indeed choosing a similar ageless haircut is the safest and shortest way to success, however she also managed to adapt these looks to her Rock star allure. The starlet wears her chic Bob hair styles both paired with naturally wavy hair texture which accentuated the jagged layers and graduated look. On the other hand, Hayley also succeeds in flashing her Rock Diva allure with this glossy curly Bob hair style for the red carpet.

Those who would like to step into her footsteps will have the chance to chop their locks and pull off a glam Bob hair style with fine layering as well as a face-framing shape and angles that would highlight the best facial features. Enhance your tresses with loose waves or girly curls to create the best impression with your oh-so-fab haircut. Also it is a great idea to spot the right hair color that would further perk up your look.

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Wispy Layered Hair Styles

Hayley Williams made the most memorable fashion statement with her wispy layered cuts that joined her during all the initial tours of Paramore and set her into the spotlight due to the edgy locks as well as the alternative and front line hair color. Her fine tresses are played up with the help of wispy graduation which allows the natural and soft movement of the hair as well as boosts volume and dimension. She also devoted more attention to the bangs area which are adapted to the rest of the haircut. The chopped bangs shift the attention to the eyes and the face in general.

Sleek as well as loose wavy strands can be perfectly emphasized and dressed up with face-framing layers. The uneven steps pull off the cheek-hugging effect which can be perfectly sculpted with the help of a round brush. Both the more out-of-this-world choppy locks as well as the fine and texturised strands brought standing ovation to the Paramore singer and songwriter. Ask for this haircut at your favorite hair salon and use some styling cream to finish up the fabulous look with a few stylish moves.

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Girly Glam Updos

Versatility is also mirrored by Hayleys’ fondness for stylish updos. This girly glam messy updo as well as the ponytail are all cute and voguish ideas for school and other special events. Set your youthful and more leading-edge attitude towards hair dressing into the front row position and play with the natural texture of your hair as well as with color and length. As she proved many times, Hayley might not go for the uber-complex and extremely sassy looks, instead she chooses as the best option the low maintenance and fabulously ‘laid back’ updos. There’s no need for special skills to copycat her hair style ideas, instead let your creativity and inspiration lead you to pull off these girly glam updos.