Sporting a Mohawk is not only a time-saving idea, but also a voguish one. This hairstyle was often associated with the punks. However, no longer worn only by them, it became one of the latest trends in hair styling. 

Those who decide to opt for a short haircut with slightly longer tresses on the top should think of the endless options to upgrade their simple hairstyle.

There’s no rule established that would make you stick to the sleek and smooth strands. Curly hairstyles enjoy huge popularity due to their ability to add a romantic and sensual aura to an unusual do.

Make sure you choose the proper length and cut that flatters your prominent features. Indeed, Rihanna is only one of the celebrities who popularized the curly Mohawk following the textbook guidelines of styling it. 

There’s no need to trim the hair on the side super-short in order to look great. It would work just as perfectly if you comb the hair behind your ears or just leave the crops naturally. You can choose the Mohawk style that promotes the longer hair on the sides and much longer on the top style.

Mohawk hairstyles have endless variations.The key to pull off an amazing curly Mohawk hairstyle is to use a curling iron and create the curly locks. Before you start the styling progress, make sure that you’ve applied some pomade on the sides in order to secure the tiny crops.

Then grab the curling or straightening iron and style your strands into curls. With the help of your fingers direct these upwards and then ahead to form the additional bangs. In spite of resembling a guy Rockabilly hairstyle, curly Mohawks paired with a voguish outfit will radiate femininity and romance.

Those who have longer curls should use tiny bobby-pins to secure the tresses to the head. Carefully camouflage them under the strands so that these won’t pop out when you’ve finished your hairdo. Shorter locks might not need these accessories, it is enough if you use a hairspray and apply it to the hair without exaggerating. Make sure you keep your look natural and neat without using too much pomade or gel that would weigh down your hairdo.