The American “The Hills” television star Audrina Patridge became very famous in a relatively short amount of time. Her role in “The Hills” helped her boost her career as an actress. Also known as “ceiling eyes” Audrina is known for her fashion style and feminine hairstyles. Due to these qualities she became a teen fashion icon.

Audrina Patridge wears her hair long, lush and very feminine. Her hair length is around mid back and her tresses have a dark chocolate tint. Dark chocolate hair also brings out her eye color. Dark hair colors enhance light colored eyes like green and blue, but it is great for brown eyes as well.

audrina patridge hairstyle audrina patridge hair

In order to obtain Audrina Patridge’s beautiful wavy hairstyle your hair needs to be past your shoulders. The hair needs to be in good condition so it will look healthy and shiny. Only healthy hair can look good with wavy hair because the waves attract attention towards the tresses.

Start with freshly washed and well conditioned hair. Apply volumizing mousses on damp hair at the roots as well as on the rest of the hair. Using your fingers massage the roots of the hair as you blow dry in order to give the hair volume. After the hair has been dried completely take a large barrel curling iron and wrap small sections of hair from the middle towards the end of the hair. Make sure you pull the curling iron in a downward motion in order to obtain beautiful spiral waves.

Your hair will radiate beauty and will most definitely help you attract all the desired attention.