Celebrities have always taken care of the way they look, making sure their hairstyles look fabulous for every event. Some celebrities like to adopt clean and classic hairstyles while others like their hairstyles to look outrageous, eccentric and capture all the attention.

These types of hairstyles are appropriate only for certain special occasions like costume balls or fun parties. Celebrities wear funky hairstyles as a part of their professional image and they usually avoid wearing them as casual hairstyles.

Here are some of the most funkiest hairstyles worn by Hollywood celebrities at certain events.

Amy Winehouse’s funky hairstyles contribute to her overall image. She has been seen mostly wearing big hairstyles, hairstyles which attract attention. A part of her image, her beehive hairstyle inspired a lot of women. She is one woman who is not afraid of too much hair volume and actually looks good wearing her hair like that.

lady gaga bow hairstyle lady gaga buton hair

Lady Gaga’s hairstyles always attract attention. She has been seen wearing her trademark blonde hair bow hairstyle and a big button head. She wore these funky hairstyles with her hair long straight and she looked good. She knows how to wear funky hairstyles without looking like she came from outer space.

This type of hairstyles are statement hairstyles that are not appropriate for formal events, they are entertainer hairstyles, so choose your hairstyle inspiration carefully.