Demi Lovato’s new blue hair and her performance of her new single “Neon Lights” presented on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ were both pleasant surprises for the audience, but her new beauty makeover was by far the bigger shocker. 

The pop star was never shy as far as experimenting with new hair colors is concerned, (in May she changed her signature brown tresses for a honey blonde shade), however this was one of her boldest makeovers yet, if not the boldest and it definitely matched the spirit of her song.

With her bold new blue hair color, a bold smokey eye makeup, black nail polish, cool leather jacket and edgy jewelry, the X Factor judge looked like a true rock star. 

Demi Lovato Blue Hair Color 2013

The “Heart Attack” singer didn’t say what made her opt for such a dramatic makeover, however, if we are to go by past statements, it was probably a spur of the moment thing driven by her desire to experiment with new things. She even joked about her bipolar condition a while back at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ stating: “You’ve heard I’m bipolar, so I change my hair a lot.”

But this isn’t the only surprise this hair chameleon diva has prepared for her fans. A Demi Lovato New Black nail polish line will soon hit Ulta stores. Starting with November fans will be able to choose between three $14 three-piece kits and two $22 five-piece kits. The New Black label has been handling Demi’s nails for over a year. 

The 21 year old star is quite generous when it comes to sharing her cool nail designs with the world via social media sites: “If you have badass nails, you are going to show them on Twitter. When I have cool, awesome nails, I want everyone to see,” she explained.

Demi Lovato Debuts Blue Hair On Jay Leno

Creative director and The New Black cofounder, Robin Coe-Hutshing, told that these kits are cool and daring just like the star herself: “They are unusual color palettes. The colors are very intense. She’s into bold colors and textures.” The description sure sounds enticing, so it’s a good thing there’s not too much time left until the official retail launch.

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Photos: JustJared