Chunky hair highlights can help you get an edgy look and add a splash of fun to your hair. Usually chunky highlights and lowlights are done by selecting a dye that’s at most two shades lighter or darker, for a natural look, but you can easily create more contrast if you’re going for edgy.

Celebrities who’ve sported chunky blonde highlights include Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba. They usually go for less contrast, but you can get a better idea for a more edgy style chunky highlights for brown hair by checking out Ciara and Snookie.

Chunky Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

If you want brown hair with chunky blonde highlights, there are two ways of getting the look, each with their own advantages. For wavy and curly hair in a layered cut, it’s better to go for a random placement of chunky blonde highlights, if you want a reasonable natural look.

Jessica Alba Blonde Hair Highlights

You can always vary the width of sections you use to get chunky highlights for brown hair if you have longer hair and like to see more texture in your tresses.

Another look for shorter and usually straighter hair can be achieved by doing blonde chunky highlights in an uniform manner. After styling your hair in the usual way you part it, you can get matching chunky blonde highlights on each side of your part.

Beyonce Blonde Hair HighlightsNicole Snookie Polizzi Blonde Hair HighlightsKhloe Kardashian Blonde Hair HighlightsCiara Blonde Hair Highlights

Chunky Highlights and Lowlights

When going for chunky highlights on dark hair, there’s usually not much place left for lowlights, but mixing the two can lead to very cool results.

You don’t have to stick to shades of blonde and brown for chunky highlights and lowlights, you can always add in a touch of red if you want a more edgy look and you like the contrast provided by chunky hair highlights when done right.

How to Get Chunky Hair Highlights

Unlike regular highlights, where you have to use foil to isolate the strands of hair you want to color, chunky blonde highlights are easier to do at home.

All you need to get is a chunking cap, that will allow you to pull strands away from the scalp and color them easier. For chunky blonde highlights you can go from a width of a pencil to a diameter of about 1/2 inch. Anything bigger might end up looking messy.

Highlighting Hair

Comb your hair after you’ve selected the strands you want to use for blonde chunky highlights and apply the color. If you want chunky highlights and lowlights, do the highlights first and then select the strands of hair for lowlights.

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