Cheryl Cole, the gorgeous English singer from the pop band Girls Aloud has quickly made a name for herself worldwide. Being a judge on the well known British star singer search TV show “The X Factor” only contributed to Cheryl Cole’s increasing fame.

Her incredibly gorgeous facial features, slim figure, beautiful hairstyles and fashion style made Cheryl a style icon. She has been a great source of inspiration for many women worldwide when it comes to personal appearance and style. Cheryl Cole hairstyles contributed to her gorgeous and lovable appearance. Cheryl Cole adopted a very natural and feminine look, all of her hairstyles enhancing her femininity. She is all about femininity and glamor, so she expresses everything a woman should express.

Cheryl Cole hairstyles were always maintained in the natural area, long loose curly hair. Even though her hair has maintained its length, Cheryl has always made her hairstyle appear different by styling it differently and to her advantage as often as she could. Versatility is one of long hairstyles’ main characteristic, so Cheryl Cole made sure to take advantage of this characteristic. Cheryl Cole’s hairstyles are always voluminous due to her healthy thick hair. Her hair is most of the time styled with a side part due to her facial features. The side part helps frame and expose her facial features perfectly. There has always been something sexy about side swept hairstyles and this could not have been more obvious than on Cheryl.

Cheryl long hairstyle Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has been mostly seen wearing her gorgeous long tresses long and loosely curled. This type of hairstyles are not only super trendy, they are also hairstyles that enhance her natural beauty. Because there are a variety of styling products and utensils and because every woman has experienced hair straightening at least once, Cheryl has been seen wearing her tresses sleek straight. Her straight hair frames her face beautifully, the hair’s volume gives her the right amount of glamor and her chocolate color hair aid her sweet look.

Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole

When it comes to formal hairstyles Cheryl has been seen making wonderful classic choices. Updos helped Cheryl Cole look incredibly beautiful every time. From classic to more modern faux-bob hairstyles, Cheryl Cole’s hairstyles contribute to her unbelievably gorgeous look. If you are trying to create a feminine look and your tresses are long, try to inspire yourself from Cheryl Cole’s hairstyles, since she has always made excellent choices when it came to style.

Image credits: PR Photos, Getty Images