No wonder that the old-time hairstyles gain more and more territory nowadays. Indeed, adopting the classy do revved up with an ultra-modern accessory is the future of hair styling. The stars of the red carpet made a sport of pulling off some eye-pooping looks with these Rockabilly styles. Echoing the Greaser movement, with its non-conformist and funky mood, from short to long all hair lengths seem to find the perfect design.

The best way to learn the mastery of the hairdo is to follow some basic guidelines. As a low-maintenance style, Punk-Rockabilly hair can be easily created with the help of a little gel and skillful hands. With its signature brushed up quality, Rockabilly hairstyle became a unisex trend sported both by women and men. Whether you go for the more sophisticated or the edgy type, the point is to make it polished and fab.

Rihanna Rockabilly Hairstyle Pink Punk Rockabilly Hairstyle

Rihanna indeed perfected the style with her colorful Punk-Rockabilly hairstyles, offering a huge source of inspiration for millions of followers. Her do is worth admiring due to the fashion-consciousness it mirrors and the confident allure it radiates. Sporting the style for several seasons bit by bit adding a twist to it made it one of the most sought-after looks in the hair styling industry.

The glam queen of punk-rock, Pink manages to charm the fans with her edgy hairstyles. Short is indeed the buzzword when it comes to the diva’s hairstyles. Sporting the short tresses in colorful ways, she proves the fact that ‘short is the new long’.

Kelly Osbourne Vintage-Rockabilly Hairstyle Kelis Punk-Rockabilly Hairstyle

Kelly Osbourne went through a radical style makeover. The young socialite manages to amaze the public with her punkish classy outfits paired with vintage hairstyles. Her refined fashion-consciousness is mirrored by the skill to sport edgy and old-time combo hairstyles with dazzling taste.

Kelis is another fan of short haircuts, sporting voguish and edgy styles. Her hair is undoubtedly raised, even though not brushed back, it still resembles the Greaser style with a feminine allure. The singer’s dense strands add texture and volume to the hairdo making it more edgy and spectacular.

Kelly Clarkson Rockabilly Hairstyle Gwen Stefani Rockabilly Hairstyle

Those who bat eyes at the idea of having an edgy-classy combo hairstyle can also go for Rockabilly hairstyles, so take a glimpse at Kelly Clarkson who seems to steal the show with her modern look. She also joined the party of Rockabilly fans and matched her long and uber-sleek tresses with the modern flair of these hairdos that also bare the signs of the Greaser era.

Gwen Stefani wasn’t so brave to cut her cascading tresses still opted for the style to dress up a refined updo. Raising hair enjoys huge popularity due to its ability to change the shape of the face and expose the best features. Gwen chooses this look to flash her hip attitude towards fashion and hair styling. As a style ambassador she succeeds in pulling off this look just as originally as the Rockabillies did in the 1950s.

All you need is 5 spare minutes to have their poofy hairstyle. Cleanse your hair thoroughly, then use some gel to blow dry and style bangs backward. This is the essential move to create the signature Rockabilly poof. Use the hair fixing solution (gel or wax) at the roots for a better holding and the desired raised hair effect. Tease the strand in order to have the texturized look.

Finally use a bristle brush or your fingers to slick back the hair into a nice hump. Whether you feel like the fixing product will be strong enough to guarantee the long -lasting effect or you’ll rather opt for bobby pins, the point is to secure the tresses in the best spot.

Learn How to Create A Stylish Rockabilly Hairstyle.