Celebrity babies can’t even deny who their parents are. Being stylish is a must in their case and their parent’s. We can pick some fabulous examples of how hairstylist can make real hairstyle trendsetters of these A-list kids. Often imitating the hairstyle of their mommies and daddies these cuties conquer the showbiz by promoting the most wanted kids hairstyles.

Matilda Ledger, the itsy-bitsy daughter of the late Heath Ledger is often associated with the first little bob diva in the world of Hollywood kids. Following the craze of the season, the baby girl wears her hair, naturally with blunt bangs.

Without making such a great fuss about styling it, she maintains her position in the top of most wanted celebrity kids hairstyles.

Suri Cruise Bob Haircut

Probably two of the most voguish kids of Hollywood, Suri Cruise and Leni Klum already set trends by wearing a similar stylish bob hairstyle.

The ‘Mommy and me’ hairstyles are extremely popular nowadays, little girls want to have the same look as their moms, making the hair styling process more fun. Let’s face it, they already mean business.

The best examples for the most copied celebrity boys, are without a doubt the Brangelina boys: Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt. Punk hairstyles are not unfamiliar for Maddox, with his funky hairstyle he managed to be the most wanted haircut, Maddox’s mohawk.

Being so fashion forward at such an early age is indeed the merit of their parents. Mohawk haircuts and the mini rock star hairstyles are among celebrity moms, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani‘s favorite – see little Kingston’s bleached hairstyle. Looking forward to see the trendsetter celebrity siblings new hairstyles.