Take a look at the hottest celebrity hairstyles and get inspired for your new holiday look, as celebs pose as the best muses when it comes to style since image is quite important for public figures. You don’t want to commit to the same look every year if you want to cause an impression as playing with varied styles can maintain an ever-fresh look. The holiday season is all about happiness, joy and feeling good and nothing will make you feel and look good more than perfectly polished locks that make you feel like a true goddess.

Clean, chic and elegant hairstyles such as the classic updos are a perfect option to take into consideration especially since they are universally flattering and come in so many styles. From classic low, super neat buns to contemporary top knots, stylish side twists and trendy loose updos, your options are limitless if you have the right hair length for styling, so experiment and find your best match. Keep in mind that these hairstyles require perfection, so enhance the hair texture before you start polishing the hair to perfection and seal the style using a bit of hairspray and a bit of shine spray to amp-up neatness and the glam factor.

Curls have conquered the hairstyle scene through their sophistication and this year curls have moved on from being structured and pristine to glam and full of movement. These hairstyle have dethroned the sleek and straight hairstyles due to their naturalness and sophistication that suit all occasions from formal to casual, so no wonder that numerous techniques and products have been developed to get the most spectacular glam waves and soft, loose curls. Use the largest Velcro rollers, a large barrel curling iron or the flat iron to sculpt the hair to perfection and use a texturizer to enhance and set the waves/curls as you feel they suit your style. Keep your hair simply parted, opt for a deep side part, swish the hair on one side and add a bit of modern twist by incorporating a stylish side braid that will give your look a more youthful vibe!

If you’re looking to infuse a dose of sophisticated edginess into your hairstyle, draw inspiration from Leona Lewis’ amped-up volume side ponytail or create a faux undercut updo like Rachel Bilson. Loose hair strands sculpted to perfection using a texturizer and a curling iron/flat iron paired with a messy low bun can do wonders for your look without having to go overboard with styling, so opt for the style you feel suits you and add the glam factor to your look!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images