The beauty boosting power of fabulous looking hair has been long proven, so no wonder that women are constantly searching for the best hairstyles to underline their individuality and style. However, choosing the trendiest styles out of all the looks that have managed to make it to the beauty scene is not an easy task as not all hairstyles suit the latest trends, so to make your choice easier we’ve put together a selection of celebrity inspired hairstyles for summer. Celebrities pay a great amount of attention to their image meaning they are constantly turning towards the best stylists to help them put into value their look, and this makes celeb hairstyles an ‘oasis’ of inspiration for others.

A perfectly polished hairstyle can do wonders when it comes to your look, so if you’re a true beauty enthusiast, you have to allow yourself at least 15 minutes a day for hair styling. Consider this your pampering session and try out fab hairstyles that fall into different style categories as versatility is the key to an ever-fresh look that will turn you into a hair style icon, so take a peek at the following celebrity hairstyles and recreate your favorite looks.

Pretty Ponytails

A pretty ponytail is the perfect way to start the day especially if you don’t have too much time to spend styling your precious locks to perfection and thankfully there are various ponytail hair styles to experiment with every time you desire. Apart from the fact a stylish ponytail can offer you plenty of comfort in the summer by minimizing the contact your hair has with your neck and back if you have super long hair, thus keeping you cool, this type of hairstyle can help polish your look to perfection regardless of your natural hair texture as this is a look perfect for everyone with the perfect length. Keep your tresses pulled up high, gently and loosely swished on the side, centered and with a little bit of pouf as either way you’ll look lovely. To achieve a cool looking ponytail, separate a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the base to conceal the hair elastic and pin the end under using a bobby pin. This way your hair will look classy and perfect for every occasion.

Sleek & Chic Updos

A sleek and chic updo can be the perfect weapon to landing a classy, elegant and sophisticated look that is bound to make heads turn and achieving such hairstyles is not all that difficult. Turn towards a round brush, a flat iron, a hair elastic, bobby pins and some hairspray to achieve perfection and start by brushing your freshly washed locks straight using the round brush. Flat iron the hair to make it sleek and shiny and pull the hair into an elegant bouffant chignon, a cool vintage twist updo, a faux-asymmetric cut just like Rachel Bilson’s sleek midi style updo or go all classy and modern with a simple and sleek braided top knot. Set any flyaway hairs with a bit of hairspray and let your perfect looking coiffure impress at any formal/semi-formal event.

Casual Up & Down Hair Styles

A casual look doesn’t have to be all about putting into value your natural hair texture and keeping the hair loose, you could spice things up a bit and still maintain that laid-back, chic allure that defines you by going for a pretty braided updo, a messy updo or a simple side swished hairstyle. Even pulling the hair from temple to temple and pinning it back using bobby pins can be an easy and trendy way to update your look, so dare to experiment with various chic looks just like Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Hayden or Taylor Swift as these hairstyles can definitely make an impact even from day to evening!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images