There are endless variations of half up/down hairstyles that can be created depending on the type of occasion, the hair styling skills of a person as well as her personal preferences and sense of style. While for fairly casual occasions there’s no need to turn to extraordinary or highly complex styling techniques, a more important formal event might require a greater amount of effort and creativity to ensure that the style truly matches the pretentiousness of the event.

One of the simplest ways to create a hairstyle suitable for all kinds of occasions is to add volume. Creating a cute beehive in the comfort of your own home can be fairly easy once you get used to the basic techniques. Moreover, once you get used to the whole process, this stylish hairstyle can become a huge time saver as well. To create this hairstyle you will first need to comb your hair to make sure it’s completely tangle free and then you will create a side part.

Using a rat tail comb you will start to create the beehive by teasing a few strands of hair from beyond the bottom half of the hair line. Repeat the process until you get to the other strands of hair as well until you are satisfied with the result and apply hairspray. Then, add the frontal strands of hair to the beehive and secure everything by crossing a few straight bobby pins.

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Bump half updo hairstyles provide a timeless yet modern look. For those who have naturally curly hair or for those who are attracted by more romantic hairstyles, curly half up/down hairstyles might prove to be a better alternative. If your hair is naturally straight, you can easily transform a plain half up/down hairstyle by creating loose curls on the lower part of your tresses for an instant festive touch.

The contrast between the two hairstyles will create two different points of interest making you stand out. Wavy hairstyles can be equally useful in creating a romantic touch by offering a feminine allure and boosting natural hair volume simultaneously.

For informal occasions you can also opt for a more playful, less conventional hairstyle. The tousled look has become very popular this season and this tendency is not restricted to loose hairstyles anymore. Messy half up/down hairstyles are a wonderful alternative to more classical, polished hairstyles. Purposely distressed hairstyles can appeal to a wide range of preferences from those who like natural looking hairstyles to those who are more drawn to laidback, non-fussy hairstyles.

While it might seem that getting a messy hairstyle should take less time than a more conventional one, sometimes for a truly dramatic hair style you might have to spend more time when it comes to styling and you may be needing more advanced styling skills as well.

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Depending on the hair length, the type of occasion or other criteria, you can transform a regular hairdo into something completely different. A simple illustration of this idea would be the example where by changing your hair texture you can get a glamorous,vintage hairstyle from various time decades.

Other times you might decide that you would like a completely futuristic hairstyle and you might choose to combine elements from different hairstyles to be able to get something completely unique and different.

By experimenting with a variety of different hair styles you can dramatically improve your styling skills, gain more flexibility and expand your creativity which in turn will allow you to expand your knowledge when it comes to the hairstyles that most suit your personality.

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