Wear the hottest trends of the summer – celebrity hairstyles with headbands! Hairstyles with headbands are way beyond being celebrity trends, the streets are invaded by beautiful pieces that dress up a simple hairstyle – perfect for the breezy summer days and can easily save you when having a bad hair day!

Copycat the look of your favorite celebrity to add a cool touch to your outfits with the hot summer trend. Whether you decide to buy a beautiful piece, or go on a DIY way to decorate a simple headband, the point is to match it with your personality.

Natalie Portman headband hairstyleMila Jovovich headband hairstyle

Super-slim headbands

Super-slim headbands conquered the world of fashion. This tiny hair accessory manages to light up the beautiful features of these celebrities.

You might even experiment with similar hairstyles by decorating them with plain or more sophisticated headbands. Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich and Kristen Bell seem to be huge fans of the simple yet stylish headbands.

Nicole Richie Hippie headbandZoe Kravitz headband hairstyle

Hippie headbands

Hippie trends landed on the catwalk this season and hair accessories made no exception. Let yourself overwhelmed by the beauty and atmosphere of flower power. Bohemian style encourages celebrities to wear headbands in a traditional or in cases really creative ways.

The names of Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton are not unfamiliar among headband junkies. The two socialites managed to actually launch the headband craze. Zoe Kravitz is another name added to the fan list.

Kirsten Dunst headband hairstyleParis Hilton headband hairstyle

Vintage headbands

Decorated with flowers, jewelry, bows and even feathers, headbands are sported on the forehead as well as crown area. Echoing the 50s and 60s Jazz age as well as the Hippie shake, similar vintage hair accessories seem to fit the public’s taste from every bit of land on the planet.

Kirsten Dunst and Paris Hilton wearing style of the Jazz Age, whereas Lauren Conrad goes for the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style. Indeed headbands worn across the forehead or on the head seem to be the no.1 hair trend of the season.