The Golden Globes are without a doubt one of the most awaited events of the year. A true recognition of hard work, originality and talent on the one hand and an early display of some of the hairstyles and fashion trends on the other hand, the Golden Globe Awards are a veritable crowd pleaser every single time. Although some might or might not agree with the grand winners, in terms of style, this edition of the Golden Globes was a true inspiration source.

Like always, hairstylists, makeup artists as well as fashion designers have all joined forces in an effort to add even more glamor to this notorious festive event. The hairstyles chosen were relatively diverse and ranged from sophisticated and classic to modern and refined. Although we were unable to spot highly architectural, edgy hairstyles, the choices managed to highlight the natural beauty of the celebrities while matching the occasion perfectly.

Sleek pin straight tresses were an exceptionally popular choice at the 2011 Golden Globes as this look was chosen by various well known celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Olivia Wilde or Angelina Jolie.

Both Olivia Wilde and Sandra Bullock seem to have adopted a similar strategy to highlight their facial features. They both choose to display straight across bangs that provided a beautiful facial frame while emphasizing their beautiful eyes. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie chose to add a touch of volume to her tresses keeping her look natural.

Determined to keep things simple, Jennifer Lopez opted for a sleek modern ponytail hairstyle. Although a small emphasis on volume was still made, the look was kept quite basic. To match the glamorous nature of the event, Jennifer chose a small hair accessory that matched her earrings as well as her outfit adequately.

Curly hairstyles were another popular choice for those who wanted to sport a glamorous look with a little bit of volume. The loose curls hairstyles chosen by Megan Fox and Heidi Klum were an extremely flattering choice highlighting the classic beauty of the two stars. The loose curls managed to soften the facial features while at the same time highlighted their flawless cheekbone structure, ensuring their presence on the red carpet would be a memorable one.

Updos are a classic choice for formal events of this kind, so their popularity comes as no surprise. Curly updos were a flattering choice for starlets like Lea Michelle and Scarlett Johansson who chose a more romantic look. Modernly styled, the hairstyles reflected a relaxed attitude, highlighting the best facial features of the two starlets while matching their outfits superbly.

Nothing says classic beauty more like a sleek, perfectly polished updo. This fail-proof style choice was endorsed by Carrie Underwood as well as Natalie Portman who looked absolutely gorgeous thanks to the discreet makeup style adopted as well as to their graceful attitude that was more than evident. Classy and stylish, the hairstyle choices displayed by celebrities at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards were a fabulous source of inspiration overall.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images