A celebration of talent and originality, the 16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards took place last night at Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. The numerous celebrities present at the event managed to offer veritable lessons in style thanks to the classy coiffures they chose. Check out some of the hottest celebrity hairstyles from the 2011 Critics' Choice Awards !

The 2011 Critics Choice Movie Awards gathered some of the most talented and most popular celebrities of the moment. Aside from being a recognition of talent and hard work, the event was also a true demonstration of style and elegance as various female celebrities sported lust worthy evening dresses as well as seductive hairstyles that highlighted their features superbly.

From sleek straight tresses to perfectly polished updos, the choices were relatively varied being well adapted to the dresses chosen. Sophisticated and carrying a glamorous or a more modern allure, reflecting a relaxed attitude towards styling, the celebrity hairstyles were a true reflection of exquisite tastes when it comes to style.

Among the celebrities who decided to opt for simplicity and highlight the beauty of their tresses with the help of sleek hairstyles were Julianne Moore and Michele Williams.

Julienne Moore opted for a relatively simple makeup style that complimented her gorgeous long fiery locks perfectly while Michelle Williams - who was considered to be one of the most stylish women of the last year - sported a pixie that invariably complimented her, drawing attention in a discreet manner.

On the other hand, the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe opted for voluminous locks for a more festive look. Volume was easily achieved with the help of cascading loose curls that were strategically placed below the chin level to soften their features as well as to create a more sophisticated look. As always their choices put them on the spotlight effortlessly.

Keri Hilson chose a curled out bob for the occasion which gave her a fashionable contemporary look. The dark color accents that could be spotted managed to add interest to the hairstyles, while the straight full bangs as well as the side part balanced her facial features highlighting her gorgeous amber eyes.

Loose updos turned out to be a fabulous choice for the event as they were chosen by several celebrities who took advantage of the elegance and refinement offered by this classic hairstyle. Emma Stone's preference for loose updos was perhaps the most obvious one as she chose a loose updo with subtle, natural looking curls for a more interesting texture that created a more significant visual impact.

LaLa Vasquez and Mila Kunis opted for a slightly more conservative updo style with little alterations as far as texture is concerned and managed to impress due to the glamorous allure created. All in all, the event was a true success from a fashion and style point of view being a fabulous source of inspiration for fashionistas worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images