Celebrities besides following the carefully formulated trends seem to find difficulties in finding their own identity. The new hairstyles and hair colors are without a doubt signs of longing for breaking the habit. Some of their attempts were welcomed with more or less success. Apart from that once in a while they manage to step into the limelight and flash real hair styling masterpieces.

Morphing into real hair color chameleons, stars as Rose McGowan, Ashlee Tisdale or Lindsay Lohan started a real makeover journey stopping at different stations and challenging the limits of public and media approval. Updating their makeup parallel to the new hair color is a must. By setting the new trend they will launch real style tendencies that will complement, moreover upgrade their look.

Rose McGowan Red Hair Rose McGowan Brown Hair Rose McGowan Dark Brunette

Rose McGowan is one of the most debated socialites in Hollywood. Besides constantly feeding the interest of the media for her private life she also manages to become a real makeover diva. Experimenting with different shades she seems to refuse to get down from this hair coloring roller coaster. Flashing her reddish-range hair then soon after that switching to a glamorous brunette.

Scarlett Johansson Blonde Hair Scarlett Johansson Brunette Scarlett Johansson Auburn Hair

Scarlett Johansson, appropriately for her age, still finds extreme fun in changing her hair color. Going from dark to light then back, shows her utmost feminine sides with voguish hairstyles and dashing makeup. The prominent events seem to offer a real parade of these celebrities, creating the suspense while everyone spots the new hairdo. The young and amazingly celebrated actress preferred shades as auburn, blond and strawberry blond to accentuate her sensitive and romantic features.

Ashley Tisdale Blonde Hair Ashley Tisdale Hair Highlights Ashley Tisdale Brunette

Ashley Tisdale, the High School Musical sweetheart feels the taste of popularity and knows the secret of getting into the spotlight. Her hair color evolution started from the ash blonde and stylish highlights to the present brunette. Serving as the idol of many teens, she manages to offer a colorful look. As the years pass by, Ashley demonstrates that her hair styles develop in line with her fashion consciousness.

Lindsay Lohan Blonde Lindsay Lohan Black Hair Lindsay Lohan Brunette

Lindsay Lohan’s hair color evolution can be followed with great difficulties, from blonde, to red, to brunette, then blonde and so forth… However, the controversial celebrity manages to find the shades that complement her features once in a while. No wonder that she experiments with hair dying, since she decides on a new do after each and every scandal she has. This is probably the best remedy to get over her problems, and the fans are not protesting until she flashes it with refined taste and glam.

Celebrity Chameleon Hairstyles

Rose McGowan goes red with this stunning light orangeish shade. Rose McGowan colors her red strands into a classic brunette shade. Rose McGowan sticks to darker shades, amazing the public with a new dark brunette hair color. Scarlett Johansson sported for long years her signature blonde tresses worn with refined taste and charming sex-appeal. Woody Allen Scarlett Johansson, as a real hairstyle chameleon amazed the fans with her brand new dark red locks. Ashley Tisdale flashes her youthful verve with her cute ash blonde hairstyle. Ashley Tisdale jazzed up her classy blonde strands with colorful streaks, offering loads of inspiration for the fans. The young actress flashed her cascading brunette strands on the red carpet. Lindsay Lohan sporting her girly blonde tresses styled in a breath-taking updo. The young socialite turned to the dark side by opting for a black shade. Lindsay Lohan further polished her refined style with a mild and more sophisticated brunette hair color.