Buns can range from very simplistic to highly complex hairstyles depending on the choice that is made. While many women are tempted to think about a classic bun style whenever trying to find a feminine hairstyle that is also extremely to make, there are many other options that many women don’t ever think about that might fit in this category. If you really enjoy bun hairstyles but you believe that they tend to get boring after a while you most definitely haven’t tried many different styles yet.

While the ballerina buns has gain the most popularity, this year classy chignons or edgy top knots have become a leading trend that being present on the most important runways. However there are so many more bun hairstyles that can completely change the way you look, that it you might be surprised that you didn’t think about them earlier.

A wonderful example of a such hairstyle is the coiled bun. Classy and elegant, the coiled bun can instantly give an overall touch of sophistication and draw a few positive remarks along the way. This hairstyle can appear to be a little complex at first but it is actually a lot simpler than it looks.

A coiled bun starts out like any other simple bun from a low ponytail. Then, to make the first coil you will have to wrap around the hair once and then secure the coil with a bobby pin. This process will be repeated as many times as you want depending on the complexity you want or depending as well as your hair length.

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While a classic bun is always a wonderful choice for both formal and informal occasions, it might look simplistic after a while. To perk up a classic hair style you can make a simple adjustment. A double bun will look more interesting than a simple, casual bun and it won’t require any special skills to create while still providing the change you want in a matter of minutes.

Low chignon hairstyles have received a great deal of attention lately due to the elegance and the romantic touch of these hairstyle as well as the multitude of styles that can be created with a relatively small amount of effort. Chignons can be adapted to a variety of hair textures and hair lengths.

The style of the haircut also plays an important role in determining the final result. For example, a bun hairstyle made on a layered haircut might look more spectacular for those who have long tresses but it might cause a few problems for those who have short to medium hair length.

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If you are eager to follow the latest hairstyle trends then you should consider knot hairstyles. Top knots seem to have earned a place of honor on the on the most important runways due to to the edginess of this hairstyle. Messy bun hairstyles are another trend that has had a major influence in the last couple of years and it seems that this beloved trend is going to fade away very soon. Loose buns can be styled in a variety of ways to created an imperfect look and all depends on the imagination and the skills of those who love these hairstyles.

As you can see, there are a lot of options that can be tried when it comes to bun hairstyles. With a little imagination, bun hairstyles can be radically different from one moment to another, being highly adaptable for a great variety of situations.

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