Braids engraved themselves into the top of most-wanted hair styles of the last decade. From the romantic to the more edgy style variations all contributed to the strengthening of its reputation. Those who longed for some groove for their appearance could appeal to the multitude of braiding techniques that were available and later invented by laureate hair stylists. Depending on the length as well as the texture of the strands, braid-devotees will find the chance to pick the most flattering hairdo. Celebrity braided hair styles furnish the public with a large repertoire of inspiration to pair the right braid styles with the appropriate event and also attire. Skim through these chic examples to sport braids for all occasions be it a formal cocktail party or a relaxed outing.

Side Braids Side-braids are promoted by style icons as Diane Kruger as well as Rachel McAdams who adopted a creative approach to hair styling. The loose braiding technique gives a Greek goddess flair to their red carpet appearance and perfectly complements their hair color as well as length and texture. Famous designers as Alexander Wang managed to further upgrade the look during their fashion shows that line up a parade of braided hair styles with a messy and romantic aura. Those who would like to sport a both low-maintenance and oh-so-popular hairdo can opt for the side-braids. This look can be created in no time by simply using the traditional French braiding technique. Leave the tresses relaxed and add a cute hair accessory to immortalize your appearance.

Braided updos Braided Updos are also present on the red carpet granting the look of Hollywood and music divas as Penelope Cruz and Alicia Keys with a memorable allure. The sculpted and sophisticated strands crown their outstanding red carpet entree with a fabulous accessory. Due to choosing either the ageless bun or the Fro Hawk-style as the perfect means to complement their shiny and polished strands, both celebrities managed to occupy a prominent position in the best-styled Hall of Fame. There’s no need to have floor-sweeping tresses to create a similar hairdo, instead juggle with the length and the texture of the hair to create volume and definition. Those who aspire for a Bouffant hairdo can also appeal to the use of hair extensions to accentuate the effect of the high brow look.

Braided Ponytails Braided ponytails conquered the public as well as the realm of entertainment due to their refinement and funky vibe. Both aspiring actresses as Blake Lively well as acclaimed divas as Jennifer Lopez were enchanted by this modern and at the same time low maintenance hair styling trick that proves to be the best means to illuminate their splendid facial features and to add volume to their cascading strands. Pairing the voguish braids with a cute ponytail will radiate a youthful and spellbinding blaze. The versatility of this hairdo lies in the universal quality that can complement both a formal as well as casual wear. Copycat their look both when you long for a chic style for school as well as a ceremonial event.