Plenty of red shades are gorgeous, but burgundy hair color is in a league of its own. Celebrities with burgundy hair have showed just how trendy this color is when done right and different variations, from ombre to burgundy hair with blonde highlights are also becoming increasingly popular.

While it can be edgy, burgundy color hair is also extremely stylish and feminine and it’s perfectly suited for any type of hair. Try the best burgundy hair ideas and see a few hot celebrity looks which can serve as great inspiration for your makeover.

Celebrities with Burgundy Hair

Burgundy color hair isn’t new, but until recently it was associated with older women like Sharon Osbourne, who’s been dying her short crop in burgundy for years.

Celebrities With Burgundy Short HairIntense Burgundy Hair Color

Celebrities with burgundy hair like Rihanna and Cheryl Cole have given a youthful spin to this look, making it edgy and contemporary. Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato also joined the rank of celebs with burgundy hair, while Ashanti has taken the trend even further, with burgundy ombre hair.

Worn short like Rihanna or in long locks, burgundy hair color is a versatile and daring look, but it needs special care in order to maintain its beautiful luster and not wash out leaving pink strands behind.

Rihanna Burgundy Red HairAriana Grande Burgundy Red HairDemi Lovato Burgundy Red HairCheryl Cole Burgundy Red Hair

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Burgundy Ombre Hair

The ombre hair trend has been going around Hollywood for a few years as a favorite of celebrity hair colors, but Ashanti was the first singer to rock two trends at once with beautiful burgundy ombre hair.

Less of a straight forward ombre and more of a two-tone look, Ashanti’s burgundy ombre hair is very cool nonetheless. The singer opted to keep her hair black down to the shoulders and go for burgundy locks towards the ends, for a flowy and feminine look.

Celebrities With Burgundy Ombre HairBurgundy Ombre Hair Color

Burgundy Hair with Blonde Higlights

If you’re feeling daring and you love this celebrity hair color, you could also try burgundy hair with blonde highlights. Since it’s a unique combination, you’re better off taking it to a specialized colorist than trying it at home.

The best way to get burgundy hair with blonde highlights is to add the highlights later. If you try to do them both at once, you might end up with pinkish highlights instead of blonde, no matter if you add them after the base color was applied.

Burdundy Red Hair ShadeDouble Ombre Hair With Burgundy

Red Hair Shade In BurgundyBurgundy Hair With Highlights

How to Get the Best Burgundy Hair

Feeling inspired by celebrities with burgundy hair and want to try out the look yourself? You can find the best burgundy hair shades at brads like Clairol Natural Instincts, L’Oreal Feria or Revlon Colorsilk.

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