Prepare your already smashing base haircut for a stylish makeover and complete your look with additional fab details as bangs and fringes. The celebrities bangs vs. no bangs hairstyles will furnish you with the proper motivation to switch things up a bit and break with the monotony of blunt cuts and plain tresses. The hair styling industry offers us and also the stars the chance to sport a different cut each time they step out onto the street.

Therefore, why not to take advantage of the evolution of hair styling techniques and skim through the endless bangs designs? Drop a glimpse at the stylish hair style alternatives below and spot the one that would have a fabulous effect on your features. Steal the style of your favorite hair style icon and adapt it to your personality and face.

Watch out for the latest hair style trends and make sure you keep up with the speed of light evolution of the various techniques and style tendencies that pop up on the red carpet.

<br />The young actress is indeed devoted to her uber-polished locks. Sporting both uniform and also layered cuts helps her renew and cheer up her appearance when stardom and stylists ask for it. Selena Gomez also tried her hand at the stylish long bangs trend which looks just as cute as her uniform dos. Therefore if you would like to experiment with brand new hair designs make sure you take into account the fab hair makeover of Selena as the perfect blueprint on how to rock the trend.<br /><br /><br /> The pop diva as well as successful TV host, Cheryl Cole decided to break the habit of wearing her long or midi locks curly or super-sleek and instead crowned her dapper appearance with this cool detail. Thick and blunt bangs might seem a pretty radical twist in her look as a similar flair could also visually change the whole structure of her face. Depending on your hair texture as well as face shape pick the right bangs designs that flatter your features and help you achieve the desired impression.<br /><br />  Kim sticks to her style kitten look by preserving the worth-admiring length of her locks as well as the spotless condition of her hair. However similarly to other celebs she is also thrilled to add a surprising twist to her haircut. In this case she decided to go for a stylish bangs design that adds an extra mysterious allure to her appearance. With the help of a pro hair stylist you will have the chance to pick the right fringe that would emphasize your best features as it does in the case of Kim.<br /><br /> The young diva managed to earn the title for the ultimate hair style icon with her versatile and fascinating hair styles she flaunts on her red carpet and stage appearances. Indeed Keri Hilson is both a wizard of shades as well as haircuts and choose the designs that best suit her features and charisma. Therefore she definitely rocks both the bangs as well as no bangs look presented below. <br /><br /> <br />Katie might have neglected the screen for a while still managed to surprise the fans with her ever renewing hair styles. Besides trimming her locks to medium or more, short length she also decided to cheer up her look with stylish bangs. These indeed added a flapper twist to her cute and polished Bob. In love with classy hair styles? Then make sure you take a closer glimpse at the refined structure of her haircuts and go for it if it suits your personality.<br /><br /> One of the most popular hair style chameleons of our times, Audrina Patridge is eager to experiment both with her hair styles and cuts as well as hair color. In the case of the blunt bangs she decided to switch things up a bit and break with the monotony of long and blocky locks. Instead of making a more dramatic change she opted for these key accessories of all seasons, the stylish bangs which bring out both the super-healthy complexion of her tresses as well as fab hair texture. <br /><br />