Celebrities with curly hair look simply amazing flaunting their curly tresses, so browse through some Hollywood A-listers’ hair styles and see if you can draw inspiration from the looks sported by them throughout time.

Celebrities With Curly Hair – Women


Who can ignore Rihanna’s ever-changing hairstyles? The star who sometimes allows her natural curly hair texture to shine has sported her hair from long and beautifully curled to short and curly, straight and in between. 

Vanessa Hudgens

Among the celebrities with curly hair we can also include Disney star Vanessa Hudgens. For the High School Musical 3 premiere she decided to opt for long and wavy locks and she looked incredibly well.

Rihanna Curly Hair TextureRihanna Curly HairVanessa Hudgens Natural Curly HairVanessa Hudgens Curly Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker

Well, it would have been a mistake not to include on our list the one that was greatly portrayed on-screen as the ultimate New York fashionista: Carry Bradshaw, SJP. She can dye her hair any color she wants, but her curls will remain her trademark.

Miley Cyrus

Although nowadays she chose to rock a blond pixie cut, Miley’s natural hair is curly.

 Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Hair Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Hair TextureMiley Cyrus Natural Curly HairMiley Cyrus Curly Hair

Julia Roberts

Nobody can forget this Pretty Woman’s ginger curly locks. Although she might have changed her hair color, she is still rocking her natural curls.


Here’s a proud celebrity with curly hair, a bombshell that rarely ditches her natural curly texture in favor of straight locks. The Colombian “Loca” singer, Shakira, doesn’t only seem proud about her Arabic origins, but also about her natural and defined curly tresses.

 Julia Roberts Natural Curly Hair Julia Roberts Curly HairShakira Natural Curly HairShakira Curly Hair

Celebrities With Curly Hair – Men


This famous British singer often compared to Freddy Mercury or Robbie Williams wears his curls in a seemingly unkept manner and he looks lovely.

Eric Dane

Dr. McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy sure knows how to wear his curls. He has lots of fans that appreciate not only his talent, but also his great looks.

Justin Timberlake

Who can forget this former N’SYNC leader’s 90s curly hairstyle? It was all about enhancing the texture and the hair color (blonde)! Nowadays, he’s going for straight hair and has decided to give his natural color a chance. And this look really fits the Mirrors singer.

 Justin Timberlake Curly HairEric Dane Curly Hair

Patrick Dempsey

If we included McSteamy, we couldn’t have left Dr. McDreamy behind. If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you surely know what we are talking about: Derek’s perfect curls and smile!

Lenny Kravitz

This great singer/songwriter is also rocking his sexy curls. His music and his looks have made Lenny Kravitz one of the world’s greatest artists.

Lenny Kravitz Natural Curly HairPatrick Dempsey Curly Hair

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