While many celebs wear wigs for special performances, others even rock a cool wig while lounging by the pool. Find out which celebrities wear wigs most of the time, whether they’re doing it while shooting movies and TV shows, or simply on the red carpet.

From celebrities who wear wigs because they like to keep their natural hair short, to others who have to work with a more difficult texture, here are the stars you’re not likely to see without a wig.


While some fans have started a petition to ask Beyoncé to “fix” her daughter’s hair, you won’t see the singer with nappy hair. Beyoncé’s hair always looks perfect, and that’s in large part thanks to expensive lace-front wigs that stay perfectly straight even when she’s sweating on stage.

Beyonce Wig(source)

Nicole Kidman

Managing a very curly natural mop of hair can get difficult, so Nicole Kidman prefers to wear wigs on all her shoots and some red carpet appearances. Among celebrities who wear wigs, the Australian beauty goes for straight blond tresses almost every time with a flawless lace-front.

Nicole Kidman Wig


While she’s garnered a reputation as a hair chameleon using mostly her own hair, Rihanna has been rocking extensions and even full wigs for quite some time.

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Dying her hair aggressively may have contributed to some thinning, which is why Rihanna has been wearing more and more wigs.

Rihanna Wig(source)

Julianna Margulies

Another curly-haired actress who didn’t want to damage her hair by straightening it constantly, Julianna Margulies has never shown her real hair on the Emmy-winning show “The Good Wife”. Margulies wasn’t always among celebrities who wear wigs, she was still showing her natural hair on “E.R.”.

Julianna Margulies Wig

Kelly Rowland

Photographed more than once with bad lace-front wigs, Kelly Rowland doesn’t seem to rock the best wigs, but she keep trying. Mrs. Rowland straightened and dyed her own hair in her Destiny’s Child days, but after focusing on her solo career, she was seen wearing wigs a lot more.

Kelly Rowland Wig(source)

Megan Boone

One of the celebrities who wear wigs on TV, Megan Boone has to wear her hair long for her role in “The Blacklist”. The actress prefers her natural hair short and chic. Megan Boone’s Blacklist wig also has a different texture and changes her look completely.

Megan Boone Wig

Wendy Williams

With her own line of wigs, Wendy Williams doesn’t really show her natural hair anymore. She’s a long time wig-wearer and doesn’t go anywhere without a suitable hair piece. “I have one for the gym, one for around the pool,” she told The Huffington Post.

Wendy Williams Wig

Gwen Stefani

Many celebrities who wear wigs do it because they want to rock a different hair color without worrying about their roots, and Gwen Stefani loved her platinum blond look.

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The singer used to bleach her own hair at the start of her musical career with the band No Doubt, but seems to be wearing a lot more wigs ever since she went solo and became a mother.

Gwen Stefani Wig(source)

Tyra Banks

While Tyra has shown her natural hair on TV before, the former model doesn’t usually walk out of the house without a weave or a full wig. Banks even sued 10 wig companies in 2013, claiming they’ve been using her image in order to sell something she’s not associated with.

Tyra Banks Wig(source)

Jennifer Hudson

Some celebrities who wear wigs can’t hide that fact because of bad lace-front work and Jennifer Hudson is a good example. The singer and actress has been wearing her natural hair much shorter, but she’s also been opting for long locks on the red carpet with varying degrees of success.

Jennifer Hudson Wig(source)

Nicki Minaj

A big fan of wigs, Nicki Minaj has created her iconic image thanks to her bubblegum pink wigs. Even if she’s showed off her natural black hair on the red carpet as well, it’s hard to imagine Minaj giving up wigs for good, since they’re such a big part of her brand.

Nicki Minaj Wig(source)

Tamar Braxton

Some celebrities who wear wigs end up making a lot of money with their own wig line. Tamar Braxton prefers to change her look using wigs because she wants to avoid dyeing it. “I have become a slave to the wig and the weaves. I love the quickness and the fullness. Plus I would never dye my hair because it falls out like a bolt of lightning,” Braxton explained to Essence.com.

Tamar Braxton Wig(source)