Celebrities are just as excited to try out the latest hair color trends as we are. Therefore, every once in a while they flirt with the idea of going to the dark or sunny side and switch things up a little bit.

The most stylish hair chameleons of our times show off their smashing hair color on and off the red carpet, offering the best example on how to rock the transition from dark to light and back.

The blonde vs. brunette celebrity hair styles will provide you with a detailed insight into how celebs, obviously with the help of a pro hair stylist team manage to popularize their dramatic makeover.

If you are keen to follow their footsteps, ask the help of a pro hair dresser who’ll help you pick out the right shade as well as the measure of hair coloring in order to preserve the spotless allure of your appearance.

The Twilight star is famous of her look changes that are often required by her newest roles played in various blockbusters. Blonde seemed and option to revitalize her look therefore she went blonde and flashed her brand new look on the red carpet with a stylish updo. Soon Kristen changed her mind and went back to brunette which is also a great option when it comes of highlighting her best features both on and off the canvas.<br /><br /> Katherine Heigl is a real fan of her blonde locks however the public was pleasantly surprised to spot her band new hair and darker hair shade marking her entree on the red carpet. The light shade indeed brought out the rosy colored complexion of the actress and the brunette was a more appropriate alternative in order to play with a bronzed skin tone and the pastel tones of her makeup. <br /> The uber-popular singer is indeed a real hair style chameleon who is eager to intrigue, surprise and also enchant the public with her most stylish makeover projects. Blonde was indeed a great change for Rihanna however she rocked the transiton by opting first for highlights than going completely blonde. Brunette looked also fabulous with her complexion and eye color, therefore it seems that she can choose which shade she likes Rihanna still would look gorgeous.<br /> Agyness Deyn as one of the most prominent and beloved models and style icons of our times is eager to try her hand at the various hair tones wobbling between the extremes of ash blonde and dark brunette. Indeed the public might have gotten used to her angelic tresses, Agyness still craves for a wilder and more alternative look opting for brunette as the ultimate means to perk up her do.<br /> The one and only Gossip Girl takes a less dramatic approach to hair coloring, therefore she can't go wrong with the various shades of blonde and also brunette. Pairing her smokey eyes makeup with the dark tone or relying on the gold shades when it comes of crowning her blonde streaks the result will be equally overwhelming. Therefore Leigthon Meester is one of the most stylish hair chameleons who knows how to bring out the unique features of her hair and set her do in the spotlight.<br /><br /> Besides being a style icon of our times, Nicole Richie also managed to become a real hair trend goddess, who tries out all the new hair styling techniques and makes a real statement with her chic hair tone. Going blonde was no question for Nicole and her desire to stick to it for long long years obviously reveals that she knew how to bring out her skin tone and features. Going brunette was indeed a tricky decision but as expected she rocked the look with mastery.<br />