Betty Page, an American 1950’s model became well known for her beauty and style. The 1950’s were a time when people fell in love with the pin-up fashion and Betty seemed to rock this style. Due to the fact she looked unbelievable wearing pin-up hairstyles and clothes, she was referred to as the “queen of pin-up”.

Known for her beauty, the dark haired sweetheart became a fashion icon for many women. Her beautiful photos helped her turn into the icon she was and still is. The outfits and hairstyles Betty usually was photographed in expressed femininity and sexuality. She was proud of her looks and she wasn’t afraid to show that.

For those early times Betty was considered to be very controversial because of the outfits and postures she adopted in her photographs. She was a very confident women who adored her femininity and wasn’t afraid to show it to the world. Betty loved her hair and loved to style it. Her pin-up hairstyle looked unbelievable and matched her face shape perfectly. She opted for a hairstyle which wasn’t very common at that time, thing that made her hairstyle a trademark.

Betty Page chose a long hairstyle, because long hair expresses femininity and helps create a slimming effect over the face. She opted for full frontal bangs cut differently than usual. The bangs were cut shorter on the sides and longer towards the middle, thus creating a unique hairstyle. The bangs beautifully framed her face, enhancing her eyes and jawline.

Because her hair looked great and healthy, she was mostly seen wearing it loose. Her tresses weren’t exactly poker straight, they were actually a little bit wavy but still she looked incredibly gorgeous. She accessorized her hair with flowers or cute hair bands to create stylish and feminine hairstyles.

Betty Page inspired hair Betty Page inspired hairstyle

Being known as the “queen of pin-up” and since the pin-up fashion seems to have made a huge comeback, Betty Page’s hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles among pin-up girls of the present. Her style and beauty made her remain remarkable even though time has passed and generations moved on. This classic beauty will remain an icon of the pin-up’s beautiful style since people still find an inspiration from her fabulous hairstyles.