Choosing the right hairstyle every single time isn’t easy and it seems that several celebrities managed to show this on several occasions. It seems that not all hairstyles chosen by celebrities at a certain point in their life are fortunate choices which enhance their style. Some of the best celebrity hairstyles transformations will come as a definite surprise and we are glad that the new hairstyles chosen by these celebrities are hotter than ever.

This shows that celebrities are human and that they can too make bad choices when it comes to their hair. Some of the most spectacular transformations when it comes to their tresses, going from a definite DON’T to a definite DO, DO, DO! Come from the following internationally known Hollywood celebrities which are now muses for many women.

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie, the daughter of well known musician Lionel Richie used to be very extravagant when it came to fashion style as well as hairstyles. A regular of the fashion critiques worst dressed column, Nicole Richie managed to shock everyone with her style transformation. Her fashion style changed completely making her a true style icon and her hairstyle went from a black and blonde hair mess to a fabulous natural hair color and a gorgeously stylish haircut. Nicole Richie can now be a great source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles as she is diverse and looks fabulous with various hairstyles.

Nicole Richie/PR PhotosNicole Richie/PR PhotosNicole Richie/PR PhotosNicole Richie/PR Photos

Christina Aguilera The internationally known singer Christina Aguilera suffered several hairstyles transformations when it comes to her hair styling as well as hair color. Christina’s choices in the past were not very fortunate as her hairstyles made her look vulgar, and definitely without a style. Her cornrows hairstyles as well as afro curly hairstyles didn’t suit her very well but it seems her present hairstyles choices have improved, making Christina a great source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles. Her sleek straight bangs hairstyle looks fabulous and enhancer her natural beauty and femininity.

Christina Aguilera/Getty ImagesChristina Aguilera/PR PhotosChristina Aguilera/PR PhotosChristina Aguilera/Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Black Sabbath lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne managed to pull off some not so great looking hairstyle in the past but it seems that the present times are bringing great news as she has adopted a new personal style. Her much more feminine stylish outfit and gorgeous short blonde crop make Kelly a delight and a great source of inspiration. Great new trendy look which suits her facial features perfectly!

Kelly Osbourne/Getty ImagesKelly Osbourne/PR PhotosKelly Osbourne/Getty ImagesKelly Osbourne/Getty Images

Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani’s choices were very critiqued in the past as her hairstyles were childish and colorful, no way near what a celebrity hairstyle should be. The evolution of Gwen Stefani’s style is absolutely amazing as she managed to turn herself from a fashion and style DON’T to a definite DO, becoming a well known stylish designer. Gwen Stefani’s hairstyles are now worth copying as her gorgeous platinum blonde tresses look fabulous styled from formal to punk.

Gwen Stefani/Getty ImagesGwen Stefani/Getty ImagesGwen Stefani/Getty ImagesGwen Stefani/Getty Images