When it comes to hairstyle inspirations, nothing can be more helpful than celebrity hair. Most celebrities look fabulous every single time so check out the best celebrity hairstyles worth inspiring yourself from!

We all know celebrities have always been a great source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles but that doesn't mean every celebrity makes the right choices when it comes to their hair but there are a few who have dazzled every single time they appeared in public.

The best celebrity hairstyles to inspire you are the ones which have always helped enhance the natural beauty in the most natural manner. Celebrities have access to the best hairstylists in the world allowing their tresses to be pampered and styled by the best and with the best hair products. Hair cut, hair style, hair color as well as hairs health play an essential role in the look of a person so paying attention to all of these details is a must if you wish to look amazing.
Because some celebrities have never failed when it comes to hairstyles and they have always captured all the attention, we have selected some of the best celebrity hairstyles to inspire yourself from as they are definitely some of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to hair. Choose the hairstyle that you think suits your face shape, hair style and personality best and you will surely look gorgeous.

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie hasn't always been one of the best sources of inspiration for fashion or anything else in the beauty and style department but it seems that she has managed to transform herself into a true style icon worth copycatting. Nowadays Nicole Richie looks fabulous and her hair is worth envying every single time whether it's styled for a casual or formal occasion. Hair color plays a very important role in hair styling as it can help enhance the hairs style, the natural skin tone and the facial features. Nicole loves to experiment with hair color so she went from blond to black and in between and she looked fabulous every single time. Whether bohemian styled or pulled simply up into a bun, Nicole Richie is definitely a celebrity who's style and hairstyle is definitely worth checking out!

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie Bangs

Reese Witherspoon
When it comes to sleek straight fabulous tresses, Reese Witherspoon is definitely one of the best sources of inspiration as her fabulous golden straight tresses make her look like a darling. This type of hairstyle is perfect for women with different face shapes as it is simple, soft layered and sophisticated at the same time. Simplicity is most of the times related to elegance and Reese manages to show this exactly. This look can easily be achieved on all hair color and best on natural straight hair. The hairs shine plays a very important role in this look so a shine enhancing hair serum is all you need. The hairs length allows you to be quite diverse with your hair but loose and simple is the secret to Reese's fabulous look.

PR PhotosPR Photos

When it comes to long thick hair, Beyonce's hairstyles are definitely the best source of inspiration as her hair always looks amazing. Whether long curly or long straight, Beyonce's tresses look outstanding due to the hairs health, cut and hair color. Brown seems to be Beyonce's favorite shade as it helps enhance her facial feature and fabulous skin tone. The soft layers incorporated into her haircut help Beyonce be versatile with her hair, switching from sleek straight to curly without loosing any of the hairs fabulousness. Definitely a style that enhances femininity so Beyonce's hair is a great source of inspiration.

Beyonce Beyonce

Taylor Swift
This American sweetheart doesn't only enchant people with her voice and music but her looks as well. Taylor Swift's hairstyle looks amazing and her fabulous hair waves create a certain elegance and innocence that would make every woman stand out. Wavy hairstyles have made a huge comeback as they give a little bit of an extra twist to the hair, allowing you to look fabulous for every occasion from casual to formal. This type of hairstyle is perfect for women with naturally wavy hair and there are a variety of ways to enhance and style the waves to your advantage. Wavy equals fabulous and Taylor managed to demonstrate this every single time.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift updo

Truly controversial, Rihanna is one of the celebrities which constantly reinvents her hairstyle, achieving a different look every single time. It seems this makes people even more curious about what she is going for next as all of her choices so far have been astonishing. From the fabulous inverted bob to her newest asymmetrical short crop Rihanna poses one of the vastest and most fabulous hairstyles and hair color ideas to inspire yourself from.

Rihanna bowl cut Rihanna red hair

When it comes to inspiring yourself from some of the best celebrity hairstyles try not to go for an exact copy. Add a bit of your own style into the haircut and hair style so you can look fabulous and still be unique.
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