The 2011 MTV European Music Awards took place over the Weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland and it seems that celebs have just fallen for this place. This event brought some of the hottest celebrities of the moment and the event was definitely no ordinary one, as celebs put their shine on to underline their personality and style. Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to beauty and style and celebs are not afraid to spend big bucks to get their hair coiffured perfectly. If you’re looking for some new and trendy ways to style your locks, check out the following celebrity hairstyles from the 2011 MTV EMAs and draw inspiration for your next look.

Luscious locks put best into value through lovely updos or side swept styles are definitely a perfect option for women that want to accentuate their romantic, ultra seductive style. Diversity is definitely visible this year when it comes to style, so if you have the necessary hair length, experiment with various hairstyles just like a diva. Whether you’re all about showing off your playful and flirty laid back style through a side herringbone braid like Bar Rafaeli, showing off your elegance through a side swept wavy ponytail like Selena Gomez or emphasizing your classic elegance by opting for a simple sleek ponytail like Irina Shyak or a pretty curly updo like Hayden Panettiere, you’ll definitely make a great hair style option as these looks are super popular.

The 80s and not only are definitely catching up as far as fashion and hairstyle goes, so no wonder that the ultra curly updos, wavy hairstyles and pinup hairstyles are popular among celebrities that love the be in the center of attention with their nonconformist style. Put your skills to the test and recreate Jessie J’s mysterious vintage waves hairstyle, opt to underline your sexiness with Yasmin’s stylish simple midi, go wild and make sure you grab everyone’s attention by drawing inspiration from Katy Perry’s pinup style or go all retro chic by opting for a corkscrew curls updo just like Wynter Gordon.

Another great hair styling method that won’t require too much hair styling skill is to amp-up the volume of your locks using various hair styling products. Blow dry like a pro lifting your roots and let your rich and glossy locks underline your beauty. A rich and stylish mane doesn’t have to be all styled up to look fabulous as Snooki and Lauren Bennett prove, so let your locks glide gently around your delicate facial features or reveal your features by swishing your hair on one side, as either way you’ll look hot!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images