Most celebrities enchantingly surprise us once in a while with a different look through the change of their hair color, and this always helps them maintain a high interest towards their look. A hair color transformation is the easiest way to a radical makeover, without having to sacrifice length or your current hair style, so if you’re looking for a new, hot hair color, check out the following best celebrity hair color ideas for 2011. These celebrities have made trendy choices which match their skin tone perfectly, so they are perfect muses for your next fab look.

Best Celebrity Hair Color 2011 Best Celebrity Hair Color 2011

Blonde hair color has always been considered one of the most seductive shades of them all and that is probably why most sex-symbols of the world are blondes. This year is all about rich, dimensional shades of blonde that are more flattering on anyone. To boost the beauty of your hair and give it a more contemporary vibe, take a cue from Jennifer Aniston and opt for a mix of dimensional hair highlights, using warm tones of vanilla, honey, caramel or golden blonde. Go for subtle highlights around the face and top layers for a summery blonde, or opt for a stronger contrast, featuring dark under layers, as seen on Keri Hilson. Whether you pick an all-over blonde or highlights, make sure you keep your color in top condition with the proper hair care routine.

Best Celebrity Hair Color 2011 Best Celebrity Hair Color 2011

If you’ve got a medium skin tone and want to create a natural, warm look you can direct your attention towards a fab hair color that simply radiates. Eva Mendes and Mila Kunis both opted for fabulous rich tones of brown enhanced with subtle toffee blonde highlights. The thin highlights can be painted on free-handedly to give the base color extra depth and shine. The key for getting the shiny brown that’s oh-so-popular in 2011 is to keep the contrast between the highlights and the base subtle. The sun-kissed effect will bring out especially brown eyes, so if this is the color that appeals to you, don’t hesitate to turn to a professional for a hair color update.

Brunette hair color in 2011 is definitely exciting and this simple hair color is a perfect option for women who love to adopt a natural look. From glossy ebony to the deepest charcoals, there’s a mysterious brunette to suit every skin tone. Shades with dark chocolate or expresso undertones work wonderfully with a tan/olive skin tones as jet black is the hardest to pull off. As for those with cool skin, the best brunette shades are cool shades of brown or blue-black for a vibrant contrast.

Red is still one of the hottest hair colors of the moment, so if you’re looking for an unconventional, edgy hair color, this is definitely worth considering. For fierce and luminous red shades, take Rihanna and Hayley Williams’s example and go for a bold bright red hue. Keep in mind that red hair color is high maintenance and will require special hair color protective products which will maintain the pigments vibrant for longer. Choose the red hue that suits your style and skin tone best and wear your gorgeous new hue confidently as this hair color requires a high amount of confidence!

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